She make voices heard

Belrusian writer Svetlana Aleksijevitj (Alexievich in English) has been awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Literature. Aleksijevitj has spent more than 30 years interviewing people in post war Soviet about their experiences and memories of war, conflict and disaster. In her writing even the tiniest memory transform into beautiful and moving prose.




Svetlana Aleksijevitj has inspired artists around the world. Irish director Junanita Wilson made a short film based on the book ”Voices from Chernobyl”, nominated for an Oscar in 2010 and now available at YouTube. If you’re not yet acquainted with Aleksijevitj the film may function as an introduction. In Aleksijevitj’s stories the voice of the individual is presented through a dreamy yet clear prose. Slowly, slowly the impact of the words hit you. You get plenty of time to think, feel and react to the story. The combination of clear, beautiful language and the documentary, journalistic approach make Svetlana Aleksijevitj’s work special.

”The Door”, short film by Juanita Wilson (2008) based on Svetlana Aleksijevitj’s book ”Voices from Chernobyl”(1997). Video copyright Juanita Wilson.