Salut by Signe Persson Melin

Signe Persson Melin is one of Sweden’s most prominent designers. Although she’s now in her 90s Signe Persson Melin is as productive than ever. Her new candelabra Salut for Byarums bruk (2016) is nothing but amazing. It has a strong sculptural expression, yet it carries that special ease which is Signe Persson Melins signum. It may look simple but it is not. To create a piece like this you need a skilled designer who knows the material + a great craftsman to exercise the casting. Salut is handcasted in one piece, from recycled aluminium.

Salut candelabra by Signe Persson Melin for Byarums bruk (2016) is handcasted in one piece, from recycled aluminium. Photo copyright Byarums bruk.

Take a look at the detail: the smooth vs rough surfaces of the aluminium lends a contemporary look to the classic, symmetric shape. Photo copyright Byarums bruk.

Signe Persson Melin porträtt
Signe Persson Melin, designer of Salut candelabra for Byarums bruk (2016). Photo copyright Byarums bruk.

Byarums Bruk from Cristopher Benitah on Vimeo.

Byarums bruk, promotion video by Christopher Benitah. Copyright Cristopher Beitah/Byarums Bruk.