Olavi Lindén aka ”Mr Fiskars”

Ask anyone with the slightest interest in design if they know about the orange handled scissors from Finnish company Fiskars? Most likely they’ll start telling you what a perfect tool it is, and how great it looks. All over the world people are using this everyday tool (it has sold in over 20 million ex), enjoying it for its pure design and top notch ergonomics. Over the years the orange colour has become synonynomous with the Fiskars brand.
dummy fiskars

The now legendary Chief designer of Fiskars, Olavi Lindén, created a long line of tools during his career. Part from being a great designer Lindén is also a gifted musician and an extraordinary builder of musical string instruments. Olavi Lindén is born in 1946, and has recently retired from Fiskars. He has won many awards, both for his tools and for his instruments. In January 2013 Olavi Lindén was honored the title ”Doctor of Arts” at Aalto University.