Midsummer’s Eve

It is Midsummer’s Eve in Sweden and Stockholm is experiencing the coldest midsummer since 1978 (according to several media). The unpredictable weather is the main topic of the day. Why? Because today is THE DAY when Swede’s are out and about to pick flowers in the fields, dress a maypole with flowery garlands and wreaths, dance funny dances (”jumping frogs around the pole” is a classic), eat lots of good food and drink snaps. And if single you’ll pick 7 flowers to be kept under your pillow this coming night (that’s when you dream about that special person who’ll become your partner in life). And we make babies. Yes, 22nd of March is the most common birthday in Sweden. Count backwards nine months and…
Let’s get prepared in Scandi style: bring out your best rain gear and enjoy the longest day of the year!

PS When you need a brake from the wet and chilly, take a look at Smiles of a Summer Night (1955) – a great comedy about passion, jealousy and pride. It was the Swedish director Ingmar Bergman’s international breakthrough. It’s witty, it’s amusing, it’s absolutely charming.

Smiles of a Summer Night by Ingmar Bergman 1955
Photo by Louis Huch/ AB Svensk Filmindustri.