Iris Hantverk

Iris Hantverk (Iris Handcraft) makes the most stylish and useful brushes you can imagine. All handcrafted by visually impaired craftsmen in Sweden.

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Iris Hantverk started in the end of the 19th century and was originally run by an organization for the benefit of sight damaged people. The organization used to receive economic support from the Swedish Government for their visually impaired employees. But last year the support was withdrawn and several craftsmen lost their job. In August 2012 Sara Edhäll and Richard Sparrenhök bought Iris Hantverk, and their aim is to make the brushes known world wide.
– We need to grow because we hope to re-employ some of the craftsmen who lost their job, and bring their knowledge of brush-making back into the company, says Sara Edhäll.
A break through come in last december when Selfridges in London filled their entrance hall with brushes from Iris Hantverk.
– A few days later we started to get orders from well-known firms like John Lewis (43 shops) and La Rinacente (10 shops), says Richard Sparrenhök. It was fantastic.

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The new owners are themselves keen users of the Iris Hantverk products. Every brush is being tested at home.
– In my home we use a whole range of brushes, towels and other products from Iris Hantverk, says Richard. If Ihave to pick one brush, it must be the classic Sopset in oiled birch with a blade in plastic. It is really nice to handle and looks great at the same time. It is designed by Tove Adman and Hans Edblad.
– In my home the dishbrushes Han och Hon are favorites. A brush made of natural materials does not get greasy, and it is as good for your best wineglasses as for your teflon pan, says Sara. But I also have a soft spot for our new Klädborste. It is designed by Lovisa Wattman who has designed several of our brushes./CW


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All images: Photo Anna Kern, styling Cia Wedin