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Black Hyacinth by Percy

A long time favourite of mine is the teacup Black Hyacinth by Arthur Percy for Gefle. Percy (1886–1976) presented this pattern in 1956, and it is one of the finest early screen prints on porcelain in Sweden. The cup feels good to handle and is perfect for tea. And… it is a lovley sight with the beautiful grown flowers on the cup, and the sweet bud pattern on the saucer.
Best tea cup ever? If only there´d been a pot too…!

Photo by Anna Kern

Svart Hyacint (Black Hyacinth) by Arthur Percy (1886–1976) for Gefle (later incorporated with Upsala Ekeby). Model: AU-2. In production: 1956–1976. To the right handcrafted ceramic bowls by Jonas Lindholm and glasses by Ingegerd Råman. From a piece by Cia Wedin for Lantliv. Photo copyright Anna Kern.

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A Sort of Homecoming

Winter has arrived cool and crispy. Indoors, with a good cup of tea at hand, we indulge in news from the interior world: seem´s we´re heading into a season of muted colours, fine materials and a bit of luxury in the detail.
Welcome to Scandimood no 4/2013: The Home Cosy issue! CW & MA

In the Season, Scandimood 2013-12-20

Go linking!

We hope you have noticed there´re lots of links from Scandimood to external websites? Take the chance to learn more about gifted and compassionate people, splendid design or fine gestures; perhaps you´ll experience an unexpected feel-good moment while browsing around in the magic world of the web.

Scandimood 2013-12-20

Broberg & Ridderstråle for Gabucci

Satorialistic goes Contemporary Scandi as Swedish designers Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle interpret the now and future of a classic menswear store in Stockholm

Broberg & Ridderstråle for Gabucci Photo Mikael AxelssonGabucci by Broberg & Ridderstråle photo Mikael Axelsson

Since the launch in 2011 of the Tati series for Asplund Collection, Mats Broberg and Johan Ridderstråle have worked with a wide range of producers, from mentioned Asplund to Klong, Muuto, Röshults and Swedese. Tati has been a tremendeous success, and the Tati Coat Rack has become sort of a trademark for the duo. Hence they were happy to use it for the interior of classic menswearstore Gabucci in Stockholm.
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Designer talk: Broberg & Ridderstråle + Michael Asplund from Asplund Collection

Interior architects/designers Mats Broberg (MB) and Johan Ridderstråle (JR) discuss the role and relationship of designer versus producer with Michael Asplund (MA) from Asplund Collection 

Michael Asplund with designer duo Broberg & Ridderstråle Photo Mikael Axelsson
Photo by Mikael Axelsson

MA: We´ve recently collaborated with pieces for the interior of the Gabucci menswear store in Stockholm. It has been interesting to see how you´ve worked with the Tati series in special sizes and colours, and how well it fits into the interior of the store.
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Let’s daydream!

A daybed is the perfect piece of furniture when your´re in for a little daydreaming. It has been popular for decades and rightly so. Sometimes it comes in the shape of a Safari bed – that’s the kind of bed you can fold and carry with you on your safari through life. At other times it looks more like an exclusive divan…(surely an hour on William will make every freudian slip slip away!). And once in a while the graceful combo of bed and sofa presents itself as a comfortable and handsome luxoury. Let’s daydream!

Safari Day Bed
Safari bed by Ole Gjerlöv-Knudsen 1962, now produced by Skovshoved Möbelfabrik in Denmark. Available at Mokkasin webshop.
William by Damien Williamson for Italian manufacturer Zanotta. Available at Classic Design.

Colonial Bed by Ole Wanscher
Colonial Day Bed by Ole Wanscher (1949) for Carl Hansen & Son. Available at Carl Hansen & Son retailers. Upholstred in classic Hallingdal fabric from Kvadrat it goes comtemporary and trendy!


Eco Aesthetics 2013-12-20

When a House Makes a Home

Some people know how to make interior spaces both beautiful and relaxed. They know how to create a home out of a house. Here´s some interiors that inspire us:

koskinen house

Livingroom styled by Ulla Koskinen and Sameli Rantanen, photographed by Morten Holtum.

Pelle Bergström

Kitchen styled by Tina Hellberg, photographed by Pelle Bergström.

Magnus Mårding

Living room, styled by Jakob Hertzell, photographed by Magnus Mårding.

Asplund interior photo Louise Billgert

Bedroom styled by Sandra Asplund, photographed by Louise Billgert.

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From late Fall until Christmas we Stockholmers can enjoy the Åkerö apple. Growing as it is at the small island Åkerö in the Sörmland area, it graces a few shops with its cool beauty. It is also known as ”the glass apple”, and that is an appropriate description when it comes to the look. The taste is fresh with a hint of  sweetness reminding us of Summer.

Åkerö apple

In the Season, Scandimood 2013-12-20