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Slow blog

It seem´s the concept of a slow blog has pleased our readers! During our first month with Scandimood, we have recieved supporting and kind words from several hundreds of people. It feels amazing to recieve such fine feed-back.
Alas, slow and perhaps a bit lazy too: here´s The Summer Dwelling issue.
Welcome to Scandimood no 2/2013: The Summer Dwelling issue! CW & MA

Scandimood 2013-07-16


The very day the lilacs spring into full bloom, you can be sure summer has arrived to Stockholm. When the sweet scent of the delicate flowers saturates the air the stockholmers change into their summer gear with lazy days in mind. The 230 Rattan Chair is handmade in Stockholm Old Town by Larsson Korgmakare. Crux Blanket (1991) by Pia Wallén.

Larsson korgmakare Chair 230

Photo Johan Sellén

Eco Aesthetics, Fab Swedes, In the Season 2013-07-16

Erskines box

One famous Swedish summer dwelling is Ralph Erskines house from 1941–1942. He named it Lådan = The Box. With only 20 squaremetres for himself, his wife Ruth and their two small children, Erskine had to invent space-saving furniture; the bed hung in ropes from the cealing, and doubled as a sofa, the working table folded into the bookshelf and so on. Lådan still stand as an architectual role model in the collective minds of Swedes longing for a simple summer dwelling of their own.

Erskines Lådan Lovön

Photo from the collections of The Swedish Center for Architecture and Design

Lådan was originally built in Lissma, south of Stockholm, as a permanent home. It had no electricity, no running water and no wc. The Erskine family lived 4 years in Lådan, before moving closer to town. Lådan was well-built, but the materials did not survive over time and gradually it subsided into nature. In 1989, under supervision by Erskine, Lådan was rebuilt in Lovön, Stockholm. To visit, contact The Swedish Center for Architecture and Design.

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Architectual moves, Videos 2013-07-16

Fab Garden

After a long cold winter we long to spend time in our gardens. Lets take a look on some really stylish items to have at hand…


Plantrellis (trellis and pot) by Luca Nichetto for Berga Form (2013). Powder coated steel in black, white, green, pastel green or orange + fibre cement.
 Plantrellis is available in 3 sizes: 61×40 cm, 160×80 cm and 111×120 cm.
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Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, In the Season 2013-07-16

The secret urban garden

”My secret garden is located in a small white house without a roof. The location is the lively city and is for people to enjoy a moment to smell and look at a part of the wild forest. The city´s around the world are growing and taking over a lot of the green areas. Inside the house you can sit or lie on the wooden bench surrounded by local forest plants, flowers, herbs and a small tree to create a shade in the warm summer.” Says Daniel Franzén from Bunker Hill Architects.
We find the idea of a secret urban garden thrilling. Let´s see it realized in Stockholm at once!

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Architectual moves, Contemporary Scandi, Fab Swedes 2013-07-16

Eco chic allotment garden

On Långholmen island in the center of Swedish capital Stockholm, Birgitta Sandström Lagercrantz has created a beautiful, 100 % ecological garden. And built herself a summer dwelling in the shape of an ever surprising “box”.
The 10 squaremetre house by architect Lova Lagercrantz folds open just like a real box, and thus transform from an anonynomous building to a sunny and very fine little house.


The contemporary allotmenthouse size extra small has got a “green top” of sedum which attracts butterflies and other insects important to the garden.
Photo Johanna Ekmark
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Architectual moves, Eco Aesthetics 2013-07-16

Box with a view

In the archipelago of Stockholm this box house of 100 squaremetres sits like a secret treasure high up on a granite cliff, with its back close to an old forest, and with a great view over a small lake. You can feel the Baltic Sea somewhere in the distance. It is special, mainly because of how well the building and garden works with the situ. It might look simple, but is indeed a sophisticated piece of architecture. Concrete + glass + pinewood sets the feeling of modernity. Architects Anders Rehnberg and Anja Geigant from Argark Architects in Stockholm, has created a house which is easygoing but has a very high design level in the detail.

Argark box house

Photo Anna G Tufvesson
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Architectual moves 2013-07-16

The Chair´s got to swing!

A2 Armchair by Artur Lindqvist for Grythyttan stålmöbler was shown at the Stockholm Exhibition in 1930, and become an immediate success. It was made out of solid wood and solid spring steel, but the designer had added a new and unexpected swing to his chair. It looked stiff, inspired as it was from the bauhaus/early fuctionalism. But when you sat down there was a soft rocking sensation which appealed to people. The design with the twisted steelframe made the legs take the weight, which was clever. This rocking ability has remained a favourite feature for generations of Swedes.


A2 Armchair by Artur Lindqvist for Grythyttan stålmöbler (1930).
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Eco Aesthetics, Fab Swedes, Scandimood 2013-07-16