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Contemporary Classic: Book Cradle


The Book Cradle by Bruno Mathsson from 1941 is one of the best small, mobile bookshelves ever. Made in solid beech it is still in production by Bruno Mathsson International. As a vintage piece the Book Cradle is rare, and often very expensive. Try Jacksons or Modernity, two of Stockholms best shops for Scandinavian vintage classics. Photo copyright Henrik Sandin.

To Read: Bruno Mathsson from Arena and Bruno Mathsson – Architect and Designer, Yale University Press.




Book Cradle, Bruno Mathsson, Fab Swedes 2018-10-12

Scandinavian – from Archive to Contemporary

For several years we´ve met every second week, to talk about things both beautiful and precious, of gorgeous design and talented people. Our conversation often takes the unexpected route, just as a fine conversation ought to, and inspired by the moment we indulge in various topics that inspire us. We’d like to share this with you.
Welcome to Scandimood no 1/2013: The Scandimood issue! CW & MA


Morning coffee at the Rainbow café at Grillska Huset in Stockholm Old Town. Furniture from Fermob.
Photo Karl Anderson

Fab Swedes 2013-05-27

Ash au naturel


Split diningtable (2012), by Staffan Holm for Muuto

Swedish designer Staffan Holm has created the amazing Split table for Muuto. ”I wanted the table to have an organic expression and to combine a structural solidity with a seemingly more delicate balancing act”, says Staffan Holm. Who stresses the split and bent legs as the most important detail of the design.

Another nice piece from Staffan Holm is the Grace chair for Swedese. Again, Staffan Holm has worked in solid ash, and the result is a piece of furniture taking on a very confident expression!


Grace chair (2013), by Staffan Holm for Swedese
Photos Muuto, Swedese.
Fab Swedes, Staffan Holm 2013-05-27

Redefining a Classic Approach – Marimekko´s Weather Diary


Oiva tableware by Sami Ruotsalainen (form) and Aino-Maija Metsola (pattern), tablecloth Kuuskajaskari by Aino-Maija Metsola, and cutlery Konkkaronkka by Mari Isopahkala, all for Marimekko (2013)

Some time ago I had the great pleasure to sit down and speak at length with two very gifted young designers from Finland. Sami Ruotsalainen and Aino-Maija Metsola visited Stockholm to present their Weather Diary collection for Marimekko.
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Contemporary Scandi, Marimekko 2013-05-27

Greenkitchenstories & The Green Kitchen


David, Luise and Elsa in Stockholm runs the blog greenkitchenstories.com and in May 2013 they were awarded the Best Food Blog award 2013. Congratulations! For everyone who’s been following Greenkitchenstories this came as no suprise, because both food and feel from Greenkitschenstories are very tasty! Try the Rhubarb & Strawberry Ripple Fro Yo. You´ll find the recipe at Greenkitchenstories.


Their first cookbook, The Green Kitchen (UK/Australian edition) / Vegetarian Everyday (US edition) is published by Hardie Grant London and Rizzoli New York.

Book Cradle 2013-05-27

Petter Skogstad

Norwegian designer Petter Skogstad participated in the indie exhibiton ”Food Work” in Tokyo in April 2013. The objects are designed with an attempt to make Norwegian objects for everyday situations that could also be relevant to Japanese living. Petter Skogstad is senior designer at Anderssen & Voll.

Silhouette av Petter Skogstad 2013

Silhouette knives by Petter Skogstad (2013)

Skiss Dodo av Petter Skogstad

Dodo container in silicone, by Petter Skogstad (2013)

Petter Skogstad

Photo Brynjar Eidstuen

Contemporary Scandi 2013-05-27

Aalto + Aalto storage box for Iittala

This fall Finnish manufacturer Iittala launches a range of small interior items. In the collection you find a lamp by Magnus Pettersen, a felted bag and a lamp by Harri Koskinen. And the Vakka storage boxes by Aalto + Aalto.

Vakka boxes are made of birch plywood, comes in two sizes and can be stacked to form small side tables.

They remind us of the traditional Nordic ”svepask”, often made out of alder wood or birch bark. Nice!


Photos Iittala

Contemporary Scandi 2013-05-27

Olavi Lindén aka ”Mr Fiskars”

Ask anyone with the slightest interest in design if they know about the orange handled scissors from Finnish company Fiskars? Most likely they’ll start telling you what a perfect tool it is, and how great it looks. All over the world people are using this everyday tool (it has sold in over 20 million ex), enjoying it for its pure design and top notch ergonomics. Over the years the orange colour has become synonynomous with the Fiskars brand.
dummy fiskars

The now legendary Chief designer of Fiskars, Olavi Lindén, created a long line of tools during his career. Part from being a great designer Lindén is also a gifted musician and an extraordinary builder of musical string instruments. Olavi Lindén is born in 1946, and has recently retired from Fiskars. He has won many awards, both for his tools and for his instruments. In January 2013 Olavi Lindén was honored the title ”Doctor of Arts” at Aalto University.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Videos 2013-05-27