No Plastic X: Learning curve

The last challenge of my yearofreducingplastic was to learn more about plastic and make sure the plastic we use at home and at work will not end up as dangerous, contaminating waste. When you start looking for a way out of plastic mania you instantly face a nightmare of global greed and horror. I’m sure you have seen pics of children working as garbage pickers, wading through burning toxic plastic. And the sea turtle with a straw up his nose. Or once beautiful beaches littered with waste. There´s an urgent need to change global consumption habits and set a new standard for the use and production of plastic. To reduce, reuse and recycle is a good start. Read more under ”No Plastic” in the link to the right of this page.

A gull trapped in a plastic ring.

A razorbill entangled in plastic waste.

The plastic party is over. By refusing plastic, especially single use plastics, micro plastics and every plastic item which cannot be recycled you can make a difference.