No Plastic IX: Check!

A few days from now it’ll be one year since I started to clear my home, office and life from plastic. Let’s see what I might have achieved:
No Plastic I: Taking on the challenge to use no plastic during december 2014. This was not hard but tricky. I ended up with a small bag of plastic packages to go into the Stockholm recycling program, FTI. And determined to do better. Check!
No Plastic II: Stop using plastic packages. It is difficult to avoid plastic packages when buying food but I made an effort and…Check!
No Plastic III: The recycled product. I learned how to spot a recycled yet stylish product. There’s lots of nice and useful design around. Check!
No Plastic IV: Ghost fishing gear. I learned the awful truth about how plastic waste, including fishing gear, is floating around in the oceans killing wildlife and ultimately people. No fish on our table and not using anything that might end up as ocean debris. Check!
No Plastic V: The App detective. With the help of the ”Warnings: Plastics inside” app. and some research I cleared the bathroom from microbeeds. Check!
No Plastic VI: The summer(house)gift. I replaced all household plastic products with similar products made of natural or environmental friendly materials. Check!
No Plastic XII: Kitty birthday. No more plastic toys or plastic food bowls. Check!
No Plastic VIII: Single use plastic. There was this turtle with a plastic straw up his nose… No more take away food or coffee if in single use plastic. Check!
The last challenge of this yearofreducingplastic is to learn more. There’s a lot of plastic in the loop. How can we use and reuse it, and make sure it never ends up as dangerous, contaminating waste?
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Turtle in the Saragasso Sea trapped in plastic waste.