Scandimood Summer Blog

A year ago I launched Scandimood – reflections on Scandinavian style, as a blogzine to be published on irregular basis. My aim was to slow-blog and take the time to discuss and reflect on how the many aspects of Scandinavian style might be an inspiration for people around the world. The respons has been amazing!
Thank you, dear readers, to-day you’re in from 56 countries/189 cities! Almost every day this past year you´ve been visiting Scandimood and I do hope you´ve had a nice time reading the blogzine and browsing through the many links. On your request I’ll now change the blogzine into a summerdiary. It’ll still be slow. It’ll be considerably stylish. But above all, it’ll be your source and choice when it comes to learning more about Scandinavian style.
Welcome to Scandimood – reflections on Scandinavian style!