Gam Fratesi

Gam Fratesi design studio consists of designers Stine Gam from Denmark and Enrico Fratesi from Italy. They ”blend the Danish design tradition of attention to detail and minimalism with quirkiness and the desire to tell a story”.
Since their participation in the Greenhouse exhibition at Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2006 Gam Fratesi has quickly become one of the most interesting design teams of today. And as such they were invited to the Fair as Guest of Honor 2014.

Guest of Honour Gam Fratesi.1

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Volume lightyears index

Volume sketch 01
Volume lamp by Gam Fratesi for Lightyears 2014. Sketches by Gam Fratesi.

In the entrance hall of the Fair Gam Fratesi created a lounge named ”Balance”.
During their presentation of the piece Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi stressed the importance of finding balance in life. They told us how their own balance as designer-team as well as their man and wife relation changed dramatically when they became parents. And how they had to embrace change to find a new balance, as a family but also in work.

When Gam Fratesi got the commission to create the Guest of Honour lounge at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2014 they used what they’v learned about the concept of change and finding balance: Balance consists of a series of mobiles with huge hanging elements in the shape of petals. Each petal is covered in Kvadrat fabric which was heat pressed over recycled felt, and thus acts as a sound absorber.

Both designers talked about how tricky it was to get the panels to hang in equlibrium, especially as different amounts of material used changed the movement of the parts involved. But when they stopped trying to force the balance and adapted a more pragmatic stand-point in regard to the use of fabric, they actually found…balance. And the result if fascinating. It does change how you experience the room (here: a space with very high ceiling).
Perhaps Balance do not achieve an Alexander Calder quality, but who can possibly match the master of mobiles! Gam Fratesi has come a long way with their poetic room-divider and created a new approach of how to use the space of a room. We´d love to see Balance in production.