The Swedish Stove

When the modern heating system breaks down… I start up the lovely antique tile stove (aka Swedish Stove).This Scandi icon was invented by Carl Johan Cronstedt and Fabian Wrede in 1767, and considered very hi-tech. It actually increased the efficiency of the wood-burning stove eightfold. Stoves from the time come in different shapes, often with handpainted decorations. A few years ago a fine book on the subject was released by Susanna Scherman with photographs by Michael Perlmutter. From February 28 until March 15 you can see some of the pictures, taken with large format camera, blown up (to size 140×100 cm or 120×180 cm!) and then silicone mounted on glass, in an exhibition at Edsvik Konsthall.

Tile stove at Gripsholm Castle, photo copyright Michael Perlmutter.

Photo Copyright Michael Permutter
Tile stove at Maltesholm, photo copyright Michael Perlmutter.

Photo copyright Michael Perlmutter
Book cover shows tile stove at Sturehov, photo copyright Michael Perlmutter.