Vanilla hearts!

It’s a sunny winterday in Stockholm. And it’s Valentine’s Day! In the early morning I enjoyed myself baking Vanilla hearts, the traditional Swedish cake filled with vanilla creme which is so perfect for a fika, especially with someone you love.
I used a recipe from Roy Fares new book Delicious. It is not yet available in English, but look for his former book The United States of Cakes.

Vanilla hearts by Roy Fares
Vanilla hearts, styled by Elin Åström for book Delicious by Roy Fares (Bonnier Fakta). Photo copyright Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.

Roy Fares photo w Kleinschmidt
Roy Fares with friend. Photo copyright Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.

Delicous by Roy Fares
Book cover Delicious by Roy Fares for Bonnier Fakta. Photo copyright Wolfgang Kleinschmidt.
All pictures published by permission from Bonnier Fakta.