TAF architects

Some people are curious of where their dreams and ideas might lead them. Explorers you can call them. Or idealists. And sometimes, not often but once in a while, someone is also truly interested in aesthetics. Blend these qualites together and you get: TAF Architects.


TAF is a Stockholm based design and architecture studio founded by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom. Among their clients you find Muuto, Hay and Zero. Since 2011 they also collaborate with other designers, artists and craftspeople under the label ”Pieces by Pieces”.
For Pieces by Pieces Gabriella and Mattias has created Trotters – a series of cabinets, sideboards and low tables where they have worked with geometrical forms in birch, glass and marble. Here TAF combines the rare Swedish Kolmårdsmarmor (green marble) or high quality birch with coloured silicon, wich adds to the contemporary feel. Massive sits with light-weight, proportions are distorted and your´re forced to face your own expectations of design.
”It is always interesting with an unexpected use of materials, and to place them in a new context. We have a great curiosity when it comes to different materials and what they represent”, says Mattias Ståhlbom.
”It is a lot about knowledge, Gabriella Gustafson adds. It is like a never ending learning process on how to find and refine a perfect material that fit our purpose and concept.”


Trotters by TAF for Pieces by pieces (2013). The prints A Piece of Mind are by Kyuhyung Cho and part of the collection. Photographs by Joakim Bergström.