Stutterheim goes NYC

Swedish brand Stutterheim has opened a shop in New York City, perhaps with the aim to spread the famous Swedish melancholy world wide? ”Through our melancholy we come up with new ways of seeing the world and new ways of being in the world”, Stutterheim claim. And then the brand add a great deal of humor to their handsome collection by naming their gear according to the rather stiff dress codes of some Stockholm areas. It is actually spot on. Södermalm, Vasastan…I am awaiting an Old Town creative but sensible parka!

Södermalm Opal Black Biker Jacket by Stutterheim (2016). Handmade in high gloss opal. Photo copyright Stutterheim.

Vasastan Charcoal Carcoat by Stutterheim (2016). Photo copyright Stutterheim.

Beckolmen Charcoal bucket hat by Stutterheim (2016). Handmade in rubberized cotton. Photo copyright Stutterheim.

Arholma green, the original raincoat by Stutterheim. Photo copyright Stutterheim.

Skärmavbild 2016-06-06 kl. 12.40.32

Stutterheim New York Shop at 232 Muberry Street in Nolita. Photo copyright @stutterheim

Skärmavbild 2016-06-06 kl. 11.40.07
Embracing melancholy! Photo copyright Matt Scorte/Stutterheim.