Snow is in the air!

It’s winter in Sweden, and Old Town is no exception. Every roof top is white, the streets are white, the air is filled with a fluffy mesmerizing white. And as it is not very cold, just around minus 10 Celsius, it is perfect weather to bring out your kickslade (sv: spark) and have fun. This amusing vehicle (yes, it is classified as a vehicle) is cherished in Sweden since 150 years.

The Vansbro Kickslade is in production by Vansbro Kickslade Factory in Äppelbo/Dalarna County. It is made from Swedish birch wood with steel runners from Boxholm steel mill (part of the steel is recycled from scrapped cars). The wooden parts are treated with water based lacquer. Photo copyright Vansbro Sparkfabrik.

Skärmavbild 2016-01-09 kl. 13.00.32
After app. 150 years of the same design there’s recently been an adjustment to modern lifestyle and needs. Now you can fold your kickslade and bring it with your in your car etc.

With the kickslade you go for fun with your kids…

…your dog…

…or perhaps your PONY! All photos from the internet. Photo copyright unknown.