Silver magic

We’re heading towards Christmas and this year there’s a strong international trend with silver shades instead of the ”traditional” brass colouring. The magic of silver inspire many a Scandi brand to create beautiful objects; Skultuna, founded in 1607 (!) by King Karl IX of Sweden as a brass foundry has recently launched a ”silver line”. Elegant and easy to fit into any style, not only the Contemporary Scandi!


Boule vase silver by Olivia Herms for Skultuna (2016). The perfect sphere containing the water opens up to a collar that holds the flowers. With or without flowers Boule captures the magic of silver turning it into young and contemporary. Silver plated brass H: 21 cm. Photo copyright Skultuna.

7London collection silver by Lara Bohinc for Skultuna 2016. Candle holder in etched silver with cup in brass, from H:7 cm. Photo copyright Skultuna.