Noir by Broberg & Ridderstråle

With perfect timing of good design + season Skeppshult has lauched Noir by Broberg & Ridderstråle. Founded in 1906 Skeppshult is the only remaining foundry in Scandinavia producing household products in cast iron. In the hands of Broberg & Ridderstråle the traditional material and function of pots and pans has been taken to a contemporary level. The look is interesting yet classic, the objects has a tactile feel and the functionality is adjusted to suit a modern lifestyle.

Noir Cast Iron Set of pans and pots by Broberg & Ridderstråle for Skeppshult (2015). Cast iron, black anodized aluminum. Photo copyright Skeppshult.

The packaging concept is using environmental friendly corrugated paper board in a clever and good looking way. Noir by Broberg & Ridderstråle for Skeppshult (2015), packaging concept prototype. Photo copyright Broberg & Ridderstråle.