Massproductions is a Stockholm based furniture company, run by designers Chris Martin and Magnus Elebäck. As the name indicates their passion is in mass production. But their goal is to use industrial processes to produce products that harness the benefits, values and quality of volume production. Since the launch of their first collection in 2009 Massproductions has rendered praise for taking on the challenge of making environmental friendly furniture with an air of quality which often is to be seen only in hand-crafted pieces.
We asked Chris Martin to give us un update on Massproductions 2014:

Massproduction 2014

”Each project we do has its own unique source of inspiration, and there is quite a diversity in where that comes from. It could be a material, a production method or a function. In the case of this year’s news, the sofa system came from realizing that there aren’t too many good examples on offer at the moment so we set about solving all of the problems that a complex project like this requires.”

Massproduction 2014

”It’s been nice to balance out the collection with some softer forms and experiences, which come naturally when working with upholstery. There were plans to develop Mega (2013 collection) into a sofa system that could go around corners etc. but then we realized that that should be a complete project in itself, which has led to the Anyway Sofa we are releasing this year.”
Massproduction 2014

The Massproductions team, from left to right: Martin Hernandez, logistics manager, Niklas Blomkvist, sales manager, Chris Martin, designer, Jan Sobocinski, logistics, Martin Elebäck, CEO.