Ingegerd Råman for IKEA

A few weeks ago I attended the lounge of the Viktigt collection for Ikea (2016). In collaboration with designers Nike Karlsson and Wibeke Braasch, Ingegerd Råman has created a fine collection of everyday objects in glass, ceramics and straw. I am especially fond of the serving plates, glass bowls and carpet. The whole collection is very nice, but Ingegerd Råman is somewhat of a nestor of Swedish design and her contributions stand out as exceptional in this collection. Limited edition.

IKEA VIKTIGT soffa__201642_thle01a_01_PH132760

IKEA VIKTIGT glas__201642_thle01a_02_PH132771

IKEA VIKTIGT fat__201642_thle01a_03_PH132759

IKEA VIKTIGT serveringsfat__201642_thle01a_04_PH132765
Ingegerd Råman, VIKTIGT collection for Ikea (2016). Photo copyright Ikea.