Stockholm by Ikea

With the launch of Ikea Stockholm 2017 Ikea takes a step towards a more sustainable approach on design; the updated Stockholm collection include some interesting pieces. Like the re-launch of Anna Sörenssons handwoven 100% wool rug in orange/white. It was originally presented in the Stockholm 2006 collection as Stockholm Stripe rug and has been a bestseller at Ikea, no doubt beacuse it is well drawn and the quality of wool and weaving is good. The 2017 colour looks more red than orange though… Why? Sörensson (1952–2008) often worked with a strong, clear orange in her now iconic textiles. I’d loved to see her Stripe rug in bright orange!


Stockholm 2017 Stripe carpet by Anna Sörensson for Ikea (2006), now updated in orange/white and grey/white. Handmade in 100% wool, size 350 x 250 cm. Photo copyright Ikea.

Another fine object in this collection is the rattan cabinet by Nike Karlsson. I spoke with the designer and he pointed out some details which one might not see at a first glance: the delicate weaving of the rattan, the smooth edge of the brass handles and the possibility to turn the back of the cabinet in vertical or horizontal position thus creating different expressions of the pattern. Available at Ikea Sweden 7th of April; go and try its tactile qualities, it feels nice to the touch!


Nike Karlssons contribution for Ikea Stockholm 2017 also include a sofa table and sideboard in rattan/pinewood/ash veneer. It must be stated that it is not to be used as a bench! It takes a weight of max 10 kg, and if you need a bench with a similar look you have to go for the classics, like Mogensens Bench 272 for Fredricia (1955). lndustrial designer Ola Wihlborg has designed the trays/bowls in ash veneer, diameter 51 cm and in walnut veneer, diameter 26 cm. They come with a low wide tray in stainless steel, diameter 40 cm. Photo copyright Ikea.


Another fine product by Nike Karlsson is the Stockholm rattan loungechair, handmade by gifted craftsmen in rattan of good quality. The chair earns its place in this collection, with its simple, generous form decorated with a paraphrase of the carpet pattern by Kazuyo Nomura. Photo copyright Ikea.