Ikea veggie

From August 2015 you can eat vegetarian meals at Ikea. The coming dish ”grönsaksbullar” (by Ikea named ”veg meatballs”) seems to be a tasty experience.
The aim is to serve environmental friendly food. But as no one can be ignorant of the horrific conditions animals in factory farming suffers, during breeding, transport and slaughter…it is important when huge manufacturers/shops/restaurants take a step towards a veggie world.
The conventional meatball has been served at Ikea since 1959. Every year app. 1 billion (!) meatballs are served. When you choose the vegetarian version it’ll make a difference. For the environment, for your health and for animals trapped in the food industry.

Vegetable dish, available at Ikea world wide from August 2015. Photo copyright Ikea.