Ikea bed and bag…

Ikea has teamed up with brittish designer wizard Tom Dixon and danish scandibrand Hay. As with former design collaborations (Ilse Crawford’s Sinnerlig, Ingegerd Råman’s Viktigt) Ikea take environmental friendly steps forward.
Hay, with designer Mette Hey, has given the iconic blue Ikea bag an update, I’ll try mine during the summer to see what it feels like. I am not a plastic fan but considering the blue bag sell in amazingly 65 million a year I appreciate the updated look and the way Hay worked with an environmental friendly 100 % polypropylene. From Hay there’ll also be a collection of furniture and accessories.
Tom Dixon will re-define the use of some Ikea classics like the Klippan sofa and the range of Ikea spring mattresses. Instead of using different legs or frames for different furniture Dixon has been commissioned to design a frame/platform series to go with both sofa and bed. The new design will be produced in environmental friendly aluminum.

Updated Ikea bag, by Hay for Ikea (August 2017). Photo copyright Ikea.

Ikea Frakta shopping bag by Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg for Ikea (1996).

Bed/sofa frame/platform in 100% recycled aluminium, by Tom Dixon for Ikea (January/February 2018). Photo copyright Ikea.