Marimekko flowers and stripes

In the Marimekko ready-to-wear Spring collection 2019 I especially look forward to new work by Maija Louekari. And, from the archive, some of my favourite patterns from the 70s!

marimekko 2019

Aurington alla (”Under the sun”) by Maija Louekari for Marimekko, pattern in 2017, clothes in 2019. Photo copyright Marimekko.

Piccolo Marimekko

Piccolo stripes by Vuokko Eskolin-Numesniemi (1953) will be available as the classic unisex Jokapoika shirt (2019).  Photo copyright Marimekko.


Milliruuti by Pentti Rinta (1973). Used to come as loose fitting shirtdresses…let’s hope of a relaunch of those fab garments! Photo copyright Marimekko.