Aarre by Iittala

Aarre. It is almost impossible for a Swede to guess the meaning of intriguing, beautiful words flying in from our neighbor country Finland! It is like a secret singsong tale; the soft melody of the Finnish language is very poetic! So is the glass knobs by Markku Salo, Anu Penttinen and Aalto+Aalto. Iittala call the knobs ”wall jewels” and the collection is a tribute to Oiva Toikka. Glass master Toikka mentored the designers throughout the process of creating a concept for unique, mouth-blown glass art; Aarre, ”Treasure”, is the result. The pieces are handcrafted by the skilled glassblowers at the Iittala factory.

Aarre glass knobs by Iittala (2015). Here: Thätisumo black by Markku Salo, Simpukka black/white by Anu Penttinen and Sesili white/blue by Aalto+Aalto. Photo copyright Iittala.

Aarre glass knobs by Iittala (2015). Here: Saturnus gold and Kentauri grey, both by Markku Salo, Seseli white/blue by Aalto+Aalto, Anemone pale pink and Koralli clear, both by Anu Penttinen. Photo copyright Iittala.