With Sanna at the Fair!

I went to Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2015 in the company of my dear assistant Sanna Mattsson. Here’s some of the things Sanna saw:

Dancing Pendant lamp by Iskos-Berlin for Menu gives a playful impression, designed as it is with overly dimensioned proportions. The huge white shade remainds me of my great grandmothers crocheted lampshades. And how the wind catches a thin summer skirt and make it dance. Dancing Pendant lamp is made from polyester (PET) felt and 100% recyclable.”/SM. Photo copyright Menu.

”The candle holder Grip by Jens Fager for Muuto proves that something simple can be interesting. It is small and humble and made of aluminium and steel. You want to touch it, and when you lift it you notice how heavy it is. There’s a tactile quality to this candle holder which cannot be seen, but comes forth when you handle it.”/SM. Photo copyright Muuto.

”My favourite chair from the Fair 2015 is Vagn by Andreas Engesvik for Tonning. Here the designer has worked with a classic Scandinavian form and altered it into contemporary by adding a few modern influences. Vagn is handmade in solid oak by use of traditional technique; joint fittings and glue. The Bunad blanket has a long history in Norway. This collection is by Andreas Engesvik for Mandal Veveri.”/SM. Photo copyright Mandal Veveri.