The Contemporary Scandi palette

The Contemporary Scandi style is colourful in a cool, elegant way. This pic by talented Norwegian photographer Pernille Nygård gives us a clue to what’s so marvellous with the Scandi style: Nature is at its core. We’ve got the shimmering blues of cold waters and the crispy Nordic light. There’s also the solidness of stone, here man made, where the mallards flashes a perfect palette for 2016! Who can resist such a sweet chocolate brown and those shades of forest green, grayish blue and creamy white! And the sophisticated splash of handsome orange and the hint of fresh yellow! And the rich amethyst and the pale pink…both with an intriguing metallic shine. And…ever present white, black and grey.

Perfect palette
Mallards sunbathing in Norway. Photo copyright Pernille Nygård. Follow Pernille Nygård at Instagram @pernille_nyg