No Plastic VII: Kitty Birthday

Cats, or namely catpeople, seems in need of an indefinite amount of pretty toys, collars, beds, blankets and feeding bowls. But there’s lot of bad plastic around in the pet-business. I go for sustainable no plastic alternatives: A willow basket, a blanket in wool, ordinary porcelain and glassware. When it comes to toys a piece of string in natural fibre and some crispy paper will do the trick!
If you’d like something more stylish, try Mungo & Maud for handknitted, organic toys and collars to die for!

Lucky Charm cat collar camomile by Mungo & Maude. Fitted with elasticated section, for cats safety. Photo copyright Mungo & Maude.

Cotton stripe crochet ping pong ball with little bell inside. Photo copyright Mungo & Maude.


Sweet and stylish toys from Mungo & Maude. Photo copyright Mungo & Maude.

And now to the kitty birthday!
Six years ago a small fat koala-look-alike was born in the provincial town of Örebro. Twelve weeks later she moved to Old Town Stockholm, where she quickly became a chic urbanista. Happy birthday Baby!

Baby  the Russian Blue Kitty
Baby the Russian Blue kitty. Photo copyright Yvonne Torstensson.

Baby the Russian  Bleu cat
Baby the Russian Blue cat. Photo copyright Cia Wedin.