No plastic III: the recycled product

Remember I took the challenge of a ”no plastic” december? Making an effort to reduce my use of plastic? It went very well; family + office generated (in total) one small bag of plastic to be recycled and a few objects of plastic vaste (mainly invitation cards). Next step was to reduce the use of plastic even more. That’s what I have been doing during January. I have learned more about plastic packages and how to avoid them when buying food. Now my aim is to reduce the use of micro plastic to zero. That’s my challenge for February. To be continued.

Skärmavbild 2015-02-11 kl. 10.42.09
Recycling of plastic is necessary for the future and many Scandinavian designers are working hard developing new products of high quality. Restore basket by Mika Tolvanen for Muuto is such a contemporary interior piece; playful, trendy and useful. Made of polymer felt (from PET bottles). Now available in bright yellow. 48 x 35 x 23 cm. Perfect for magazines, toys or perhaps a small dog/cat!