Now is the time to go cruelty free

Is Covid-19 the wake-up call we need go cruelty free? We know that killing and eating animals, especially in unsanitary ways, exacerbate the spread of disease. Factory farms and slaughterhouses, live markets and wet markets, livestock transport…These spaces help epidemics thrive. We also do know that lots of ”natural material” used for design objects origin from factory farming and practises harming not only animals but people and nature as well.

End the wild animal trade. End factory farming. Go CFD– Cruelty Free Design. Everywhere. In all countries. Now.

Pics by Jo-Anne McArthur/We Animals Media.

Bats and produce. Laos, 2008.

Bats and produce at the Luang Prabang market in Laos.

Roasted animals for sale. Vietnam, 2008.

Roasted animals for sale at food market in Vietnam.

3Duck in a Hanoi food market.

4.Egg factory farming, Spain. A dead bird lies on the egg conveyor belt.

6aHens in battery cages on a factory farm, Sweden.

6.A hen trapped in the bars of a battery cage in an industrial egg-laying barn, Sweden.

7.Egg-laying hens confined in battery cages on a factory farm, Spain.

8.A destressed pig gnaws on a metal bar inside a factory farm, Finland.

9.A sow and her litter, nursing inside a gestation crate in an Italian factory farm.

10.Line of pigs, confined and isolated by metal bars, Italy.

12.Young pigs stand on body of dead piglet, Sweden.