Pure Morris

Pure Morris is a new collection wallpaper from Morris & Co. The collection recreates eight of William Morris’ finest originals dating back to the 1800’s, including Pure Strawberry Thief, Pure Poppy and Pure Bachelor’s Button. There’s also a new version of the lovely Willlow Bough.

7-morris-pure-wallpaper-archive-documents-sunflower-black-white-naturalNew take on William Morris: The Pure Morris collection focus on William Morris’ very skilled original drawings for his patterns on wallpaper and textile.

DMCW210490_zoomWillow Bough wallpaper by William Morris (1887). In Cream/Pale Green as we’re used to see it. Photo copyright Morris & Co.

DJA1WB103_zoom…and the sweet Blue. Photo copyright Morris & Co.

DMPU216024_zoomPure Willow Bough by William Morris, in Eggshell/Chalk. Photo copyright Morris & Co.

DMPU216023_zoomPure Willow Bough By William Morris, in Ecru/Silver. Photo copyright Morris & Co.

DMPU216025_zoomPure Willow Bough by William Morris, in Dove/Ivory. Photo copyright Morris & Co.