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Love always!

In the mood for Valentine’s day? Stockholm based Moon City Boys celebrate with L’amour Toujours – their upbeat cover version of Gigi l’Agostinos super hit (aka I Fly With You) from 1999.

L’amour Toujours, music video by MCB (2017). Directed and filmed by Kelly Wedin. Styling Liselotte Bramstång, hair Alejandro Ramirez. Video copyright Moon City Boys.


Moon City Boys (2017). Photo copyright MCB/Fredrik Andersson.

Contemporary Scandi, Fab Swedes, Videos 2017-02-13

The Bright Eyed Survivor

In 1985 ALF – Animal Liberation Front, raided a laboratory belonging to the University of California. 468 animals were rescued, among them Britches, a stump-tailed macaque infant. Britches had been taken from his mother instantly when born, had his eyelids sewn shut, and an electronic sonar device attached to his head. He was intended to be part of a three-year sensory-deprivation study involving 24 infant monkeys. ALF filmed the raid and handed the film over to PETA – People for Ethical Treatment of Animals. When published, the story of Britches helped to raise awareness to the horrific abuse of millions of animals yearly in so called scientific research. Now PETA has published a shorter version of the original film. You’ll find both versions below. Let’s put an end to animal testing and cruel experiments on animals by choosing cruelty free certified products, including cruelty free design.

When he was five months old, Britches was flown to Primarily Primates sanctuary in San Antonio, Texas, where he was given to an elderly female macaque who had already raised several orphans. Britches lived at the sanctuary for twenty years, until he passed away in 2005.

The story of Britches, original film copyright PETA 1986.

Animal Rights, Videos 2016-09-17

Dancing into the ethics

As I prepared an update on the Ethics of Design and A Cruelty Free Approach to Design this happy moment crossed my path!



Dog groomer and rescue activist Luis Caballero at Pet Shop Perrito Feliz in Buenos Aires love dogs. Sometimes compassion comes with fun. If you’ve ever shared such a moment with a likewise happy puppy…you’ll never buy a design item made from dog skin. Some animal individuals doesn’t like playful interaction in human terms  and you might end up dancing before your bored or embarrassed (?) pet… but if you are lucky it is a way of building friendship between human and animal. It all depends of the setting: ”Dancing” with an abused monkey, bear or elephant is nothing but misery. Dancing with a puppy as in having fun together may help raise the status of dogs and help putting an end to the dog leather trade.
Video copyright Gabriela Caballero.

Undercover investigation video of Chinese dog leather trade, copyright PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Animal Rights, Compassionates, Videos 2016-09-04

Ekodukt Wildlife Crossing

Sweden is a country where many a good idea actually get realized to the benefit of humans as well as wildlife. Like building wildlife crossings (sv. ekodukt) under or over roads. Ten Swedish ekodukts are in use and the result is not only less traffic accidents between vehicles and animals but a rather quick development of important reconnections of natural habitats where the road used to serve as a dead end separating one part from the other.

Presentation of Swedish ekodukt in development outside Gothenburg. In Swedish. Video copyright Trafikverket.
Link to a nice presentation, in Swedish, of an ekodukt in development at Sörmon outside Karlstad, in the southwest part of Sweden. Video copyright @svtnyheter

Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Videos 2016-07-09

Leather is not an option II

Speaking of accessories…Undercover footage by PETA shows the truth behind ostrich leather used for bags, boots, watch bands etc by luxury fashion brands. In the interior design world leather is mainly used for furniture. But now we see a trend where designers make interior ”accessories” in leather or with leather details, claiming leather to be a ”sustainable material”. Nothing could be more misleading. The leather industry is a ticking bomb of toxic pollution. And animals in the leather industry are not bred to become meat. Leather is big business where animals are exposed to massive abuse and suffering, workers at tanning plants risk their health and life, and the environment gets polluted. Thus, the current trend of designers, bloggers and journalists promoting leather as a ”sustainable material” is deeply worrying.

Ostriches killed for Hermés and Prada bags. Video copyright PETA.

The Toxic Price of Leather” from Sean Gallagher on Vimeo. Video copyright Sean Gallagher.

”What are your shoes stepping on?” Video copyright DanWatch.

Animal Rights, Compassionates, Scandimood, Videos 2016-04-13

Stories by the Water

The annual Milan Design Week and the Salone Internazionale del Mobile is held 12–17 April, 2016. Sweden is well represented this year, both in town and at the Fair. Here’s a teaser from the Academy of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg and graduate student Matz Engdahl who will be participating in the exhibition Stories by the Water, curated by Note Design Studio.

Skärmavbild 2016-04-06 kl. 11.25.53

Funt, babtismal font by Matz Engdahl, detail. Photo copyright Matz Engdahl.”Funt” is the Swedish word for ”baptismal font”.

Funt from Matz Engdahl on Vimeo.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Fab Swedes, Videos 2016-04-06

Easter Rabbit?

The Easter Rabbit is no longer a sweet messenger of fun and peace. On the contrary, 700 million rabbits are farmed in Europe every year. They’re abused and suffering in ways you would think impossible. But this ugly business is going on, day after day. You can help by never buying fur or meat from rabbits. Sign the petition from Compassion in World Farming and help end the cage age! Urge the members of European Parliament and EU Agriculture Ministers: Make farming rabbits in cages illegal!

Video copyright Compassion in World Farming.

Animal Rights, Compassionates, Videos 2016-03-23

Wirkkala in Berlin

Jacksons are one of the most important dealers of Scandi vintage design. In their showrooms/shops in Stockholm and Berlin, Paul and Carina Jackson make a great work presenting classic Scandinavian designers. If in Berlin, don’t miss out the exhibition High Resolution on Tapio Wirkkala’s amazing design. Curated by Ilke Penzlien.

High Resolution
Works by Tapio Wirkkala | Photographs by Hans Hansen | Curated by Ilke Penzlien
February 26 – April 23, 2016

HIGH RESOLUTION Exhibition (Winter 2016) from Jackson Design GmbH on Vimeo.

Video copyright Jacksons.

Compassionates, Fab Swedes, Jacksons, Videos 2016-03-19

Video time

On request: Now you’ll find most of the videos published on Scandimood since 2013 at ”Videos” in the category list to the right. You’ll meet gifted and skilled individuals, cool design and compassionates working for the benefits of environment, animals and people. The very first video to appear on the blog was the inspiring portrait of ”Mr Fiskars” aka Olavi Lindén, legendary Chief designer of Fiskars.

Fiskars Cinema Series – Olavi Linden from The Great Society on Vimeo.

Video copyright Fiskars.

The orange-handled scissors by Fiskars has sold in an amazing 1 billion since its creation in 1967. Photo copyright Fiskars.

Contemporary Scandi, Videos 2016-03-06

Hampson Woods 2016 Collection

For years I’v used and cherished my boards and spatulas from British brand Hampson Woods. Jonty and his crew make a great job taking care of old, unwanted wood transforming the material into beautiful everyday products. Here’s a glimpse from the production:

Hampson Woods promotion video. Copyright Hampson Woods.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-26 kl. 11.27.17
Elm Spoon by Hampson Woods. Made from British elm, long-handled and beautifully balanced, finished with olive oil. Dimensions (approx): 380 x 50 x 12mm. Limited Edition (2016). Photo copyright Hampson Woods.

Skärmavbild 2016-02-26 kl. 11.31.46
Ash Serving Board by Hampson Woods. Made from the versatile Common Ash. Ash is soft to touch and hard-wearing in use. Finished with olive oil. Dimensions (approx): 440 x 200 x 17mm. Photo copyright Hampson Woods.

Compassionates, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Friends, No Plastic, Videos 2016-02-26

Oxford in colour

Can’t help it, but I am a sucker for the sleek 60s… Especially iconic pieces of furniture updated with contemporary comfort and colour. When Arne Jacobsen designed the Oxford Chair in 1965 he was looking for a seating solution for the professors at St Catherine’s College at Oxford University. Oxford became synonymous with status and prestige. The new edition dispenses with hierarchy, and the original high back, to echo a more modern approach to work.

Oxford by Arne Jacobsen for Republic of Fritz Hansen™ (2016) was originally designed in 1965. Photo copyright Republic of Fritz Hansen.

Republic of Fritz Hansen™ – Oxford™ from Republic Fritz Hansen on Vimeo.

Arne Jacobsen, Contemporary Scandi, Environmental friendly, Fritz Hansen, Videos 2016-02-23