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World magic!

A year ago reached 139, now we’re hitting 152. Countries. From where you readers visit on a regular basis. I find your interest amazing; blogging thus become a true democratic project connecting people world wide! Let’s make a move and speak up to friends, relatives, at work, at school, in shops about why and how design in terms of environmental friendly production, visual sustainability and a cruelty free approach make a difference.

Tomorrow starts today.

Scandimood readers 2017


Animal Rights, Compassionates, Contemporary Scandi, Environmental friendly, Gender perspective, No Plastic, Scandimood 2017-11-05

The holistic point of view

While looking for Cruelty Free Design during the Stockholm Design & Architecture Week I found there’s a strong trend right now to define your brand, your design, your production as ”sustainable”. But very few indications of a holistic interpretation of sustainability. Where’s that top notch Scandi brand who can confirm their products does no harm to man, animal and nature? Not during the production, not during the use and not while recycled into new materials?

Birds plucked alive on farms linked to ”responsible” down suppliers. Investigation by PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (2016). Video copyright PETA.

Animal Rights, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Gender perspective, No Plastic 2017-03-29

Sladda urban bike by Ikea

Sladda bicycle by Ikea has been rewarded the ”Best of the Best” Red Dot Award 2016. It is a well deserved honour for Ikea and developers/industrial designers Oskar Juhlin, Jan Puranen och Kristian Eke from Veryday designstudio. Bicycles are one of the most eco-friendly forms of transportation and with Sladda the project team has created a game-changing bike which is multi-gender, very simple to use, and rigorously tested to support a sustainable lifestyle for a broad range of people. Available in Sweden in August 2016.

Sladda bike by Veryday design studio for Ikea (2016). The bike’s got a ingenious click-in knob system which make it possible to hook on and off accessories like baskets and racks! Sladda comes with a 25-year warranty. Photo copyright Ikea.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Gender perspective, Ikea 2016-04-08

City by MCB

The Stockholm Design Week and International Furniture & Light Fair 2016 is over. It’s been 10 days of experiencing the city on a 24/7 schedule. Stockholm is beautiful! Just as the design presented! With the new song City by Moon City Boys mangling in my earphones I feel impressed by all the gifted Scandi creatives.

City by MCB – Moon City Boys (February 2016). Video copyright MCB. PS Don’t forget to listen WITH earphones when watching the video!

Compassionates, Contemporary Scandi, Fab Swedes, Friends, Gender perspective, Videos 2016-02-18

I am You are

He, she, it is. We are, you are, they are. Remember your grammar? WE ARE. For 2016 I like to wish the readers of Scandimood a year of inclusiveness. 2015 was a progressive year in Sweden: The gender-neutral personal pronoun hen got included in the official glossary of the Swedish Academy. Hen is an alternative to the gender specific hon (”she”) and han (”he”). There’s also been an increasing public interest and growing opinion to consider animals as individuals, as persons. And to state stronger legal rights for wildlife and environment. You readers of Scandimood are not only interested in the Contemporary Scandi design and life-style. You have proved you’re not afraid to face gruesome pics and disturbing facts considering animal abuse, environmental issues and so on. For 2016: Stay put! Let’s chase the good ideas, the best design and a cruelty free approach. Thank you!

Scandimood readers january 2016
Scandimood readers are located in 138 countries world wide.

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Make It Happen!

International Women’s Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future:
Celebrate women’s achievements!
Call for greater equality!

All over the world girls and boys are brought up in a power structure ruled by patriarchal norms. The International Women’s Day is a reminder that a change of perspective is urgent. Let’s take action now!

In her video Oblivion from 2012 Grimes make us see past gender norms. What do you see?

Compassionates, Gender perspective, Scandimood, Videos 2015-03-08

What glasses do you wear?

Stockholm Design Week, including Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2015 is up and running. Producers, designers and media from all over the world are gathering together at the Fair and in town. As we meet and mingle, do a lot of talking and listen to many a good discussion I keep in mind that our perspectives may differ, even though it is not always obvious. That’s why I bring a whole bag of different ”glasses” with me. Used together they may blur your vision for a while. But it is interesting what you can find when wearing:
The environmental friendly glasses – how, where and why is design produced? What impact does it have on the climate etc? What kind of responsibilites do we have, as producer, designer, media and user?
The gender glasses – who is included in the discourse of design, and who is not, and how come? The power structures in the design business is very rigid which is remarkable as the ”design world” as I know it is filled with gifted, friendly, caring people. How can we make change, and why is it important?
The animal rights glasses– no one can ignore that a large part of the industry profits from the abuse and suffering of animals.
The eco-aesthetical glasses – where do I find a satisfying combination of sustainable form and sustainable production? What critera has to be fulfilled for a product to be considered eco-aesthetically sustainable?

Animal Rights, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Friends, Gender perspective 2015-02-05