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Earth Hour 2016

Join the values of an environmental friendly living by going veggie and make cruelty free your design choice.
Here in Old Town Stockholm, our neighbour, the Royal Castle of Stockholm, will close down their lighting tonight, in support of the Earth Hour. Let’s join! Help enlight climate change. What you do tonight is a manifestation. What you do tomorrow and the rest of your life is what matters.

Earth Hour
19 March 2016
8:30–9:30 local time


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Sweet Valentine

Not only humans are suffering dangerous transfer over the Mediterranean Sea as refugees from the war in Syria and other countries. Many people bring along their pets. One now famous cat, named Dias by the rescue team, arrived with his family to Lesbos in November 2015. As the tiny rubber boat reached the shore, chaos broke and the cat got scared and fled. His family looked for hours for him, but finally had to move on. But Dias came back, was taken in with the rescue team, and a Face Book campaign was started to find his family. In January he was flown to Berlin and fostered to a German family. And today news arrived that Dias aka Kunkush’s family has been located in Norway, where cat and family are now to be reunited.

Dias arrived by boat on the shores of Lesbos, Greece, in November 2015 with his owners, a family with five children, fleeing ISIS-controlled Mosul, Iraq.

A campaign was started to find his family.

After quite an adventure the tiny Turkish Van ended up in a foster family in Berlin.

A lot of cats and dogs, and a few horses made the journey to Europe as refugees of war during 2015. For pets left behind in war zone’s there’s only suffering.

Photo copyright: Syrian Pets Recovery, Animals Syria and other animal rescue organizations operating in war zones right now.

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When Man meet Dog

Robert Bahou has experienced what it’s like to really connect with an animal. Through his portraits of dogs and cats you get a glimpse of that amazing moment when contact is established. Robert has posted his new project, Animal Soul – book at Kickstarter, and it is available until February 24th.


Animal Soul, book by Robert Bahou, founding video at Kickstarter. Video copyright Robert Bahou.

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Remember how the palm oil industry are destroying the natural habitat of orangutans, causing devastating suffering for apes as well as humans in Indonesia and nearby countries? See post at 2015-11-24 below.
This young female orangutan is one victim. She was found sitting on a small wooden platform that consisted of two angled planks with a hole in the middle. Rocking from side to side, she was trying to ease the pain in her limbs, and keep her balance. The short chain that linked her neck to the tree barely allowed her to move. The ground around her was buried in trash. ”After two years on the end of that short chain it’s a miracle she could move at all,” IAR – International Animal Rescue in Borneo wrote in a press release after her rescue.
Palm oil is a very common ingredient in beauty and cleaning products. Among these, you’ll find products you use to maintain your design products!!! In cosmetics, palm oil is labelled Elaeis guineensis but with the food industry, its presence is often less obvious. Any ingredient which includes the word “palm” (palmitate, palmitoyl or simply palm) will include palm oil. Other ingredients which commonly but not always use palm oil include cetyl alcohol, isopropyl, sodium lauryl sulphate, steareths, fatty alcohol sulphates, glycerine, cocoa butter equivalent and cocoa butter substitute. Palm oil is also used in biodiesel. Let’s go palm oil free, or use only certified sustainable palm oil.

A victim of deforestation due to palm oil production. Video copyright: IAR – International Animal Rescue.

Skärmavbild 2016-01-30 kl. 19.29.45
Photo copyright by IAR – International Animal Rescue.

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I am You are

He, she, it is. We are, you are, they are. Remember your grammar? WE ARE. For 2016 I like to wish the readers of Scandimood a year of inclusiveness. 2015 was a progressive year in Sweden: The gender-neutral personal pronoun hen got included in the official glossary of the Swedish Academy. Hen is an alternative to the gender specific hon (”she”) and han (”he”). There’s also been an increasing public interest and growing opinion to consider animals as individuals, as persons. And to state stronger legal rights for wildlife and environment. You readers of Scandimood are not only interested in the Contemporary Scandi design and life-style. You have proved you’re not afraid to face gruesome pics and disturbing facts considering animal abuse, environmental issues and so on. For 2016: Stay put! Let’s chase the good ideas, the best design and a cruelty free approach. Thank you!

Scandimood readers january 2016
Scandimood readers are located in 138 countries world wide.

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Fur Free Friday

The Fur Free Alliance is an international coalition of 38 animal protection organizations working together to end the exploitation and killing of animals for fur. The Fur Free Alliance focuses on the deprivation and cruelty suffered by fur bearing animals both in wild trapping and industrial fur farming.
As a brand you can join the Fur Free Retailer Program. The list of fur free companies and brands is impressing. Fashion brand Stella McCartney is a role model; to make clear the brand do not use or support the use of fur a ”Fur Free Fur” label was launched earlier this year. The label is stitched somewhere visible, such as the wrist or the nap of the neck.
But of course you don’t have to be a fashion brand to speak up: ”We’re a fur free company. And as such we don’t wear, buy or sell fur.” I’v added it to my e-mail signature, just like the ”Please consider the environment before printing” line…

The International Fur Free Friday is celebrated to put focus on the exploitation and killing of animals for fur.

Fur Free Fur label on fur-look-alike coat from Stella McCartney (2015). Photo copyright Stella McCartney.

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Cholita goes jungle

On request today from several readers; an update on the rescue of Cholita the bear. A heartwarming story of compassion, from ADI. For the whole story see post ”Changes” 2015-05-06 below.

Cholita the (endangered) Spectacled bear suffered 25 years shut in a tiny cage and abused at a Peruvian circus for ten years, later in a zoo. Her fingers were brutally cut down to stumps to remove her front claws and her teeth were broken off, leaving her defenceless. Cholita was rescued as part of Operation Spirit of Freedom, an ADI mission in collaboration with Peru’s authorities to enforce their law on wild animal circuses, and raid circuses all over the country in the biggest operation of its kind. Nearly 100 animals have been saved during 2015 from circuses and the illegal wildlife trade. ADI now want to provide Cholita with some friends and have identified three more Spectacled bears in urgent need of help. You can support their rescue by donating to ADI.

How to provide a wild bear with manicure, as she cannot herself wear the claws down. Video by AMI.

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First day at kinder garten!

I KNOW this is a blog on Scandi style but is it not stylish to care about the little ones and feel happy (and amused) when they thrive! Human or animal..! Speaking about orangutan’s here’s a feel good moment from Indonesia.

Rickina was rescued from a man in the capital of Pontiak who claimed he had encountered a female orangutan with the baby ”in the forest” and claimed that the mother was so startled she’s abandoned the baby and run away! The man picked up the baby and in doing so apparently sauced a gaping wound on her head with his machete…A mother orangutan will never leave her infant behind and will fight to her death to protect her baby from aggressors. So what really happened? If you like you can ”adopt” Rickina at Orangutan Outreach.

Animal Rights, Videos 2015-11-11

International Animal Rescue

While it’s raining in Stockholm fires are blasting away the forests of Indonesia. Man induced fires. Rapid deforestation and oil palm development has put unprotected habitats under huge pressure, putting orangutans at serious risk. The situation has been worsened recently by the fact that the fires have spread to protected areas such as national parks and conservation areas. And 43 million people are affected by the smoke. This is going on right now due to the oil palm business.
This video from International Animail Rescue is a couple of years old, but the situation has not changed for the better. Let’s go palm oil free, or use only certified sustainable palm oil. In cosmetics, palm oil is labelled Elaeis guineensis but as with the food industry, its presence is often less obvious. Any ingredient which includes the word “palm” (palmitate, palmitoyl or simply palm) will include palm oil. Other ingredients which commonly but not always use palm oil include cetyl alcohol, isopropyl, sodium lauryl sulphate, steareths, fatty alcohol sulphates, glycerine, cocoa butter equivalent and cocoa butter substitute.

IAR rescue of starving suffering orangutans in Indonesia. Copyright IAR.

Children in Indonesia in October 2015. Smoke from man induced fires are threatening the health and life of over 43 million people in Indonesia and countries nearby. Info and copyright Greenpeace.

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The tiny elephant calf Zuva didn’t make it. But he got ten days of loving care at Zimbawbe Elephant Nursery. See post on ZEN below. Zuva was probably a victim of draught. He was separated from his mother, who might have been killed by poachers. Poachers and trophy hunting is reducing the number of elephants with one every 15 minutes. All year round. And all over the world captured elephants are used and abused in circuses, zoos, in the tourist industry and as working animals. The suffering is massive.

Zuva the tiniest calf ever rescued by ZEN got ten fine days at the sanctuary. Photo copyright ZEN.


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