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Scandi colours 2018

Sophisticated, cool and sassy…with a hint of humour? Contemporary Scandi is well beyond the traditional look of classic modernism. And moves effortlessly in a including international style. You see it with all the best producers as they’re presenting their news for 2018.

Flooring is one interesting area where the Swedish brands do very well;  Asplund, Bolon and Kasthall  goes international with an absolutely stunning apporach to colour.

Skärmavbild 2017-10-01 kl. 11.08.15

Pia Walléns kelim Stitch for Asplund (2017) comes in 100 % wool in exquisite, sophisticated colours Black indigo, Camel, Olive, Orange and Yellow. Hand woven with hand stitched crosses based on Pia’s classic Crux pattern. Photo copyright Pia Wallén.

Stitch by Pia Wallén

Stitch carpet/table cloth by Pia Wallén is reversible, with pattern on both sides. You may use Stitch as a rustic table cloth! How beautiful! Photo copyright Pia Wallén.

Bolon soft rugs 2017

Villa La Madonna soft rug by Bolon (2017) here in colours Smoke and Moss. Environmental friendly PVC and wool. Size 2 x 3 m. Photo copyright Bolon.


Kasthall, especially with gifted designer Maja Johansson Staranders work, make a strong impression. The flirt with fashion, the elegant yet pragmatic feel. These are rugs or wall-to-wall flooring of a sustainable quality made to last long, if not for ever. Picture from the Kasthall Showroom in New York. Photo copyright Kasthall.


On the wall: Field bouclé rug by Maja Johansson Starander for Kasthall (2017). Hand tufted in 100 % wool. On the floor: Castle rug by Maja Johansson Starander for Kasthall (2017). Woven chenille rug in linen and wool. And Häggå Shimmer by Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg, here in Sicilian Mandarine in wool with golden lurex threads. Photo copyright Kasthall.

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Translating movement with GamFratesi

How do you translate a movement into a physical shape? With the Suspence™ lamp series Danish/Italian design duo GamFratesi created the form by pulling. The tensile force is visible at the top of the lamp, at the little tip! The natural soft curve of the lamps body is ”very GamFratesi” and the designers manage to make classic elegance blend into contemporary minimalism by working with small, subtle gestures. Notice the infinity diffuser in the pendant! And how the Nomad version is designed to be moved around, indoors but also ”on the terrace on a cosy summer evening”. While awaiting summer the Suspence™ lamp has, with its conceptual as well as functional approach to lighting, potential to be a favorite in many a Scandi homes.

Suspence Pendant, by GamFratesi for Lightyears (2016). White matte, light grey matte or black matte lacquer with white, grey and black cord.  Aluminum, polycarbonate. Two sizes: 240 x 225 mm and 385 x 361 mm. Photo copyright Lightyears.

Suspence Pendant, by GamFratesi for Lightyears (2016). Photo copyright Lightyears.

Suspence Nomad, by GamFratesi for Lightyears (2016). White opal polyethylene body with 4 m grey or red cord. Photo copyright Lightyears.

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Slow down and notice…

If in Berlin this coming weekend, don´t miss out the opportunity to follow Michael Schmidt on a mediative walk through anonymous natural spaces. You’ll experience how the ordinary, the in-between zones, the forgettable and not so pretty slowly make an impact on you. Nature was the artists last book and it is impressive as a means of guiding and holding attention. Even the smallest detail comes forth as an important experience when you take your time to look closer. Interesting!

Photographs by Michael Schmidt
Curated by Thomas Weski
April 29 – May 1
Galerie Nordenhake Berlin

Michael Schmidt, Untitled from NATUR, 1987 / 2014. Gelatin silver bromide print, toned gold, 23.9 cm x 17.9 cm. Photocopyright Michael Schmidt/Galerie Nordenhake.

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Mirror mirror…

Hitch Mirror by Grain for HEM is a new take on reflection…I like the carefully molded shape and the use the designer’s make of the thick rope, which is a reference to their commitment to merging modern manufacturing practices with traditional handicraft techniques. Hitch Mirror is 79 x 41 cm (with rope attached).

Skärmavbild 2015-03-10 kl. 08.13.47
Hitch Mirror by Grain for HEM (2014). Photo copyright HEM.

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The tiny carrots…

Soon we’ll be able to enjoy the first tiny vegetables of the season! For the chopping of vegs I like the combination of a basic look and very high quality. French Opinel recently launched a range of knives with handles in massive wood au naturel and blades in high quality stainless steel.

Parallele knives by Opinel. Photo copyright Opinel.

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