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Traditional Swedish

Last summer we visited a magic summer dwelling located in the beautiful landscape of Sörmland, south of Stockholm. A traditional Swedish building from the mid 19th century often look just like this one: rather small, built of wood, painted red with Falu rödfärg, overlooking a small lake. And with lilacs nearby the entrance. Old grown trees protect this house on three sides. On the ground floor there´s a kitchen and a ”sal” (larger room, traditionally used for gatherings and daily life) and on the first floor you find a couple of bed chambers. Nowadays these buildings make cherished summer dwellings. You can see more pics in the current (print) issue of ELLE Decoration Sweden.

…after driving slowly for an hour along a tiny dirt road, windling its way through an old forest, the landscape open up to this view. Styling and production, Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Stellan Herner.

In ”salen” there’s a simple wooden table by the window where you can sit and paint. Or read. Styling and production, Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Stellan Herner.

The stairs to the first floor with its original paint and bare pine floorboards. Styling and production, Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Stellan Herner.

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A sucker for…stripes!

Yes, I admit. I am a sucker for stripes. And I cherish my feelgood cushion designed by Anna Sörensson for Ljungbergs Factory. It is long out of production but an everyday reminder of a great designer and a fine person! Anna Sörensson (1952–2008) was a Swedish textile designer, admired for her graphic, hand drawned patterns.

See the cushion with stripes in lime? That’s the one. And isn’t the summerstudio lovely! Pics from a piece by Cia Wedin for ELLE Decoration. Photo copyright Stellan Herner.

Pleated silk fabric, handprinted by Anna Sörensson. Photo copyright Anna Sörensson estate.

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The carefully chosen

Johan Ridderstråle runs the design studio Broberg & Ridderstråle together with Mats Broberg. Earlier this week Broberg & Ridderstråle were awarded the ELLE Decoration Swedish Design Awards 2015 for ”Best carpet” – namely Fleur for Asplund.
In his private home at Södermalm in Stockholm Johan Ridderstråle has worked with a few, carefully chosen additions to the original architecture from 1907. Thus creating a contemporary, handsome and very comfortable feel.

Photo copyright Stellan Herner

Kitchen by Johan Ridderstråle in natural elm wood, carrara marble and hot-rolled steel plates. Picture by Stellan Herner, from a piece by Cia Wedin for ELLE Decoration SE issue no 1/2015. Photo copyright Stellan Herner.

Fleur by Broberg & Ridderstråle for Asplund
Fleur carpet by Broberg & Ridderstråle for Asplund (2014) is hand tufted in a combination of wool and (synthetic) silk. Photo copyright Broberg & Ridderstråle.

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