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Wood structure

Wood is one of the most common materials used for furniture by Scandi designers. Beautiful, plain wood… turned into beautiful simple shapes. It takes skill to design minimalistic, handsome, functional and sustainable furniture made in wood. Swedish Staffan Holm is a master. And Finish Mikko Halonen another. They’ve both designed a range of furniture for HEM. I think the fine details make them stand out and become special.

Verso shelf by Mikko Halonen for HEM. Photo copyright HEM.

Alle coffee table by Staffan Holm for HEM. Photo copyright HEM.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Staffan Holm 2015-04-30

Ash au naturel


Split diningtable (2012), by Staffan Holm for Muuto

Swedish designer Staffan Holm has created the amazing Split table for Muuto. ”I wanted the table to have an organic expression and to combine a structural solidity with a seemingly more delicate balancing act”, says Staffan Holm. Who stresses the split and bent legs as the most important detail of the design.

Another nice piece from Staffan Holm is the Grace chair for Swedese. Again, Staffan Holm has worked in solid ash, and the result is a piece of furniture taking on a very confident expression!


Grace chair (2013), by Staffan Holm for Swedese
Photos Muuto, Swedese.
Fab Swedes, Staffan Holm 2013-05-27