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Precious days!

During the first week of June the scent from the old lilac tree is all over our urban garden and we take every opportunity to enjoy a fika under its green foliage. Every year the amethyst colour of the flowers evoke a feel of wonder in me; it is something about that colour! This kind of colourful is daring in a Scandi interior. But try! If only with a bunch of flowers. And see how it adds to a contemporary feel!


Lilacs are common in Stockholm, here in a garden in Äppelviken. Rattan chair 230 by Larsson Korgmakare, blanket Crux blanket (1991) by Pia Walllén. Styling Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Johan Sellén.


Wallpaper Westwood, digital print by Camilla Diedrich, table Shake by Jens Fager for Muuto (2009), chair Speed by Johan Lindstén for Johanson Design, lamp 081t1 by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Wästberg. Styling by Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Anna Kern.

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World Animal Day 2015

Animal welfare is on the international agenda today. In Sweden the 2015 theme is help for homeless animals, especially cats. The problem of dumped and homeless cats is getting out of control. App. 30 000 cats are held in shelters right now, waiting to get adopted. And app. 100 000 are still homeless, suffering from famine, cold weather and untreated injuries. At the same time Sweden’s got an almost non-existing problem with dogs. In Sweden dogs are expensive to buy and kept as family pets, they are registered and the owner pay tax. Most dogs also have a veterinary insurance. Cats don’t have the same status and it is time for a change! Support Djurens Rätt (Animal Rights Sweden) by signing their petition claiming:
a mandatory neutering for cats that are allowed to move outdoors
a requirement that cats should be marked and registered
a clear prohibition in the Animal Welfare Act against abandoning animals

S*Tirnanog Russian blue image 15-03 (28x28cm)
S*Tirnanog Russian Blue Ocean aka Ossie! Photo copyright Johan Sellén.

Animal Rights, Fab Swedes, Johan Sellén, Scandimood 2015-10-04

The scent of Lilacs…

Every second day we’ve got sun and every second day it is pouring down…But this is good news: the dry grounds need water and with the sun every tree and plant start growing. Right now you can follow, hour by hour, how Stockholm transforms from grayish cool to an amazingly green city. With beautiful views and water wherever you look. Soon, very soon I’ll be sitting under the lilacs, enjoying their scent which signals summer has arrived!

The 230 Rattan Chair is handmade in Stockholm Old Town by Larsson Korgmakare. Crux Blanket (1991) by Pia Wallén. From a piece for Lantliv by Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Johan Sellén.

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