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Wirkkala in Berlin

Jacksons are one of the most important dealers of Scandi vintage design. In their showrooms/shops in Stockholm and Berlin, Paul and Carina Jackson make a great work presenting classic Scandinavian designers. If in Berlin, don’t miss out the exhibition High Resolution on Tapio Wirkkala’s amazing design. Curated by Ilke Penzlien.

High Resolution
Works by Tapio Wirkkala | Photographs by Hans Hansen | Curated by Ilke Penzlien
February 26 – April 23, 2016

HIGH RESOLUTION Exhibition (Winter 2016) from Jackson Design GmbH on Vimeo.

Video copyright Jacksons.

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Dear retired Bruno!

A retired lounge chair is sitting like a fine piece of art by the large window in my living room… Her name is Pernilla but she´s always been nicknamed ”Bruno” after Bruno Mathsson who designed this masterpiece in 1944. Bruno’s got a sleek, curved frame in laminated beech and original green paper webbing, now faded into a pale lime green. She’s no longer steady on her feet, and is wobbling slightly at touch. After 70 years of use this chair is now turned into a nest for cats. And as such she´ll remain.


Pernilla with the now very rare green paper webbing. Photo by Jacksons.


Pernilla with the now very rare red paper webbing. Photo by Jacksons.

Retired Bruno Mathsson chair turned into cats nest

Baby knew all along that Bruno actually would make a great cat nest (comfy…but also the perfect match to her emerald eyes…). Hera though is indifferent to the value of design. Food, sleep and some hunting makes her day. Everyday.

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