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This week we’ve created new pics for Iris Hantverk and spent a sunny day on location shooting kitchen-, bath- and outdoor products. Here’s some of the items we worked with. The brushes are handmade by sight damaged craftsmen in Stockholm and the textiles knitted in eco certified linen and cotton.

Knitted potholder, linen/eco cotton, design by Margot Barolo. Photo copyright Iris Hantverk.

Bath brush in oak and fibre, design by Lovisa Wattman. Photo copyright Iris Hantverk.

Nail brush in oak and fibre, design by Lovisa Wattman. Photo copyright Iris Hantverk.

Knitted towel, eco cotton, design by Margot Barolo/Ulrika Mårtensson. Photo copyright Iris Hantverk.

Getting ready to shoot everyday kitchen products for Iris Hantverk. Set design by Cia Wedin. Furniture from Gärsnäs and Carl Hansen & Sön, kelim carpet from Asplund. Photo copyright Iris Hantverk.

Skärmavbild 2016-03-26 kl. 14.00.09
…ahh, now’re getting somewhere. In a few minutes we’ll start shooting. You’ll find the final pic at Iris Hantverk website later on this Spring. Photo copyright Anna Kern.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Iris Hantverk 2016-03-26

No Plastic VI: The summer(house) gift

During my efforts to reduce the use of plastics at home and at work, I’v become increasingly aware of what a huge problem plastic products are to our environment and ultimately to all life on earth (read former posts on the subject under ”No Plastic”, you’ll find the links to the right on this page). Plastic mania is all around!

When visiting friends and relatives in the countryside I like to bring small, environmental friendly yet stylish products as a gift to my host. Something simple but useful. Something which can replace a similar plastic product.

Skärmavbild 2015-06-20 kl. 15.03.04
…like a dishbrush in birch wood and natural fibre, handmade in Stockholm by Iris Hantverk.

…or a clothesline in sisal from Byggfabriken.

klädnypor-650x650 ..with wooden clothes pegs by Grunne.

…perhaps a dishcloth in 100% linen by Växbo Lin? Woven and sewn in Hälsingland in the north part of Sweden.

…and a short handle cotton string turtle bag; the perfect storage solution, when not used for shopping. This one in certified organic cotton, from Turtle Bags.

Contemporary Scandi, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Iris Hantverk, No Plastic 2015-06-20

Starting afresh


For an interior piece in the present issue of Swedish countrystyle mag Lantliv we created a simplistic ”walk-in-closet”. Linen bathrobes from Society, cashmere sweater from Garbo Interiors, hangers from Hay, stool in birch naturel from Norrgavel, plissé silk scarf by Susanna Hepp, felted wool slippers from Pia Wallén, cotton bag from Designtorget, basket from Svensk Hemslöjd and rug by Patricia Schoenck for Iris Hantverk.
Styling by Cia Wedin, assistant Sanna Matsson, photo by Patric Johansson.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, In the Season, Iris Hantverk, Pia Wallén 2015-01-02