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Charlotte Gyllenhammar Natt/Night

If in Stockholm don’t miss out the exhibition Natt by Charlotte Gyllenhammar at Fotografiska. In 1993 Gyllenhammar hung an oak (yes, a full grown very old oak tree) upside down above a busy shopping street in Stockholm city to empazise the importance to see and remember. And not forget or deny whatever history you’ve got. Walking under the oak was a strong experience (read more under the link ”Charlotte Gyllenhammar” to the right of this page.) The hanging, floating woman is another, perhaps even more intimate and challenging.

Charlotte Gyllenhammar
25 November – 5 March, 2017 at Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden.

Whiz installation with hanging woman by Charlotte Gyllenhammar (2016). Photo copyright Charlotte Gyllenhammar.

Charlotte Gyllenhammar – Natt inspirerar from Fotografiska on Vimeo.

Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Fab Swedes 2016-11-29


Years ago I took a stroll and came upon a gigantic oak tree hanging upside down in the sky, in the middle of a shopping area in Stockholm… The magnificent installation generated several visits; some at night when the tree was illuminated by red light.
Since then Charlotte Gyllenhammar has established herself as one of Sweden’s most influential artists. In her latest work she explores the subject’s integrity and the importance of perspective. Don´t miss out:
Charlotte Gyllenhammar
Göteborgs konstmuseum
24 January – 3 May 2015.

Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Night Descend (2014). Foto copyright Stefan Bohlin.

Die for you, installation at Sergels Torg, Stockholm (1993) by Charlotte Gyllenhammar. Photo copyright Stefan Bohlin.

Charlotte Gyllenhammar, Compassionates, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Fab Swedes 2015-01-13