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My new book Mönsterträdgård (Garden of Patterns), on Swedish textile designer Maria Åström (Scandi Edition 2016), is now available at bookstores, designshops and museumshops in Sweden. Online at Konstig art book store.

Maria Åström, born in 1948, is one of Sweden’s most distinguished textile designers. For several years I’v been following Maria Åström in her creative work and it’s been a journey of curiosity, kind and cool. Hope you like it!

Mönsterträdgård is photographed by Anna Kern and the graphic design is by Anna Larsson.


About a month ago MT went to our printer, Göteborgstryckeriet, in Gothenburg and sheets of beauty started to pile up before our astonished eyes.  Roses and tulips, chestnut and oak…Photo copyright @annalarssondesign.


Still some hours to go until all 160 pages of Mönsterträdgård are printed…Photo copyright @annalarssondesign.


Graphic designer Anna Larsson checks out the MT dummy. Good…or fab!? Photo copyright @annalarssondesign.


Lara waited for the real thing: Mönsterträdgård fresh from the bookbinder. Photo copyright @annalarssondesign.



Then MT travelled to Stockholm where our studio boss Baby tried its tactile qualities. Feels good to the paw, Baby says. Photo copyright @scandi_edition.


”Pink chamber”, interior pic from Mönsterträdgård, book by Cia Wedin for Scandi Edition (2016). Photo copyright Scandi Edition/Anna Kern.


Maria Åström in her studio in Skåne. From book Mönsterträdgård by Cia Wedin (Scandi Edition 2016).  Photo copyright Scandi Edition/Anna Kern.




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Blad by Anna Larsson

Graphic designer Anna Larsson has a new collection coming up this fall. Among the many strict and handsome patterns (Anna’s signum) is the charming Blad (”Leaves”). Blad comes as a round tray in diameter 38 cm, and as a tea towel size 50×70 cm. Both products are made in Sweden, in FSC certified birch veneer or 100 % linen.

Design Anna Larsson
Blad tray by Anna Larsson (2015). Photo copyright Bert Leandersson.

Design Anna Larsson
Blad tea towel by Anna Larsson (2015). Photo copyright Bert Leandersson.

Sweet Lara is a former homeless street dog, adopted from Spain. Since 12 years she’s a co-worker at Anna Larsson design studio in Gothenburg. Follow Lara and Anna at insta @annalarssondesign

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Karin Berglund knows everything essential about gardening and flowers. She is also a gifted photographer and her portraits of flowers let us experience beauty in a poetic yet realistic way.
Withering Anemone (Sv Vissnande Anemon), photographic gum print by Karin Berglund. Photo copyright Karin Berglund.

Journalist and gardener Karin Berglund.

Books by Karin Berglund, graphic design by Anna Larsson. Photo copyright Anna Larsson.

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Scandistyled kitchen

Small additions of good quality makes a great difference in your kitchen: A fine linen tea towel, a tasty organic olive oil. Or a hand-crafted bambi that’ll add some deco friendliness to your table! Here´s some nice pieces for the scandistyled kitchen:


Graphic print linen towels by Anna Larsson Design. Photo by Bert Leandersson.
Organic sourdough bread from Saltå kvarn, Bee-wrap from Bucks & Spurs, cutting board from Hampson Woods. Photo Mikael Axelsson, styling Cia Wedin.

Photo by Anna Kernoliv

Hand-crafted ceramic tea cup by Karin Eriksson/Manos, tray with handprint by Susanne Grundell. Photo Anna Kern, styling Cia Wedin. Organic olive oil from Olivers & Co.

Tag stool from DiciplineHandicraft by Gunnar Johnson

Tag stool by Ichiro Iwasaki for Dicipline. In ash wood with seat covered with a strong, natural woollen fabric.
The delicate standing roe deer is hand-crafted in alderwood by Gunnar Johnson from Järna outside Stockholm. Available at E Torndahl.

Float candlestick from Muuto

Float candlestick in casted aluminium by Anderssen & Voll for Muuto.

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