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Note and the hidden tints

Note Design Studio is an example of how successful the contemporary scandinavian style becomes when a bit of international flair is added to the basic Scandi concept. With Note we get colours, material meetings and patterns on surfaces traditionally kept plain. Note knows how to flirt with styles and ideas from other cultures. It is also interesting to see young studios taking on commissions beyond their usual field of design…like building a house!


With a colour palette based on original colours at kakelugnar (tiled ovens) from the 19th century Note Design Studio transformed an office space in Stockholm into a family home. Pink, green and a ”yellowish white”… The added colours function as a bridge between the original hues and the contemporary result. Here, children’s room, privat apartment Stockholm, by Note Design Studio (2017). Photo copyright Note Design Studio.

Skärmavbild 2017-06-19 kl. 13.05.12

A simple homeoffice in one corner of the master bedroom. Privat apartment in Stockholm by Note Design Studio (2017). Photo copyright Note Design Studio.

Skärmavbild 2017-06-19 kl. 13.05.25

The pattern of the original floor has been used in decorative and functional ways as a new wall and as a sound absorbing element. Master bedroom in private apartment Stockholm by Note Design Studio (2017). Photo copyright Note Design Studio.


Dining hall in private apartment Stockholm by Note Design Studio (2017). Photo copyright Note Design Studio.


Villa Esker by Note Design Studio for Sjöberg & Thermé (2017). Seems fun to build models and do some set design and take pics of your (coming) work and ideas….(Nice touch with the ”clouds”!). Photo copyright Note Design Studio.


Villa Esker by Note Design Studio for Sjöberg & Thermé (2017) is an energy sufficient house under construction in Stockholm. Photo copyright Note Design Studio.


Two & Four cabinets by Note Design Studio for Reform (2017). The idea was to combine a traditional material with an old style technique – merging terrazzo with woodworking, thus creating a contemporary look. Photo copyright Reform.


Cabinets and sideboards Two & Four by Note Design Studio for Reform (2017). Photo copyright Reform.


Tops and sides comes in 20 mm-thick terrazzo panels in colours red or white. Here, Two & Four cabinet rust terrazzo (NCS S4030-Y5OR and STT-4-731), by Note Design Studio for Reform (2017). Photo copyright Reform.

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Fogia & Note Design Studio

Friday afternoon I attended a presslunch at Fogia Showroom and Concept Store, located right where archipelago meet town, on the outskirts of Stockholm. While enjoying the view and a perfect veggie meal (by fab Malin Söderström, chef at Moderna museets Restaurang, Stockholm) I found myself thinking that design doesn’t have to scream to be noticed. At Fogia, well designed, but rather soft spoken design caught my attention. The new chair Figurine and blanket Koster, both by Note Design Studio grows as you handle them, and try them…The chair is comfy and the blanket a soft hug.

Fogia_C_108 figurine
Figurine chair by Note Design Studio for Fogia (2016). Massive oak. Photo copyright Fogia.

Koster blanket by Note Design Studio for Fogia (2016), 50% alpaca/50 % wool. Photo copyright Fogia.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fogia, Note Design Studio 2016-02-07

Great Expectations

With less than a week to go before Stockholm Design Week kicks off, interesting previews of news are piling high. During the 2016 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair I’ll be especially curious of what the Scandi brands are up to!

Iittala x Issey Miyake
The most hyped launch must be Pause for Harmony by Issey Miyake for Iittala. The master of pleating and plissé goes Finnish!

Ingegerd Råman for Ikea
Another top notch collaboration is fab Ingegerd Råman for Ikea. Viktigt collection will be presented on February 11th. Same date as the release of ”It’s nothing but it’s still something”, a book about the designer and her work.

I’ll definitely keep an eye or two on:
Swedese with news by Claesson, Koivisto, Rune, Broberg & Ridderstråle, Roger Persson and…Barber & Osgerby, the brilliant Brittish design duo who’re ”2016 Guests of Honour” at the Fair.

Claesson, Koivisto, Rune/ Smaller Objects and their everyday objects designed by a range of well known international designers.

Gärsnäs with news by David Ericsson (I’m still stunned by the beautiful Madonna Chair he created for Gärsnäs last year), and Färg & Blanche, to name a few.

Form Us With Love designstudio 2016
Form Us With Us celebrates 10 years as a design studio with an exhibition at Konstakademien.

Fogia goes Seth Andersson; Carina Seth Andersson is a strong addition to the Fogia team, where we also find gifted designers like Andreas Engesvik (Tiki sofa, 2015). Furthermore, Fogia is launching a life style concept under the creative direction of Note Design Studio.

And Note Design Studio themselves exhibit at ArkDes, the Architechture and Design center at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm.

There’ll be no lack of good, environmental friendly and visually sustainable design. As usual, Sanna and I will attend the Fair as well as events in town. We’ll walk and talk and mingle…and report back to you!

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Soft and gentle

Textile LED lamp Elements by Note Design Studio for Zero (2015) comes as floor, table, pendant and wall mounted. The shade is made of Time 300 fabric from Kvadrat, which is an exclusive Trevira CS quality with reduced environmental impact. Time was designed by Erik Ole Jörgensen in 1987 and it is nice to see it used for such a contemporary lamp.

f398c93e-f635-43a0-87c9-a63eab331eb7 Elements lamp by Note Design Studio for Zero. Photo copyright Zero.

g4P-iNs2M0Ilx8_ZxPImzXDB6c83h49wCH2shiAuw-g Elements lamp by Note Design Studio for Zero. Photo copyright Zero.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Kvadrat, Note Design Studio 2015-02-11

Expanded collections

A significant trend 2015 is the change of focus from massive launching of new products to a slow, considerate work resulting in expanded collections. Among the Swedish producers I find Fogia’s collection especially interesting; the collaboration with Andreas Engesvik, Note Design Studio and Stefan Borselius has continued, generating comfortable, contemporary furniture of high quality. But every collection needs the unexpected; Monica Förster joining the team is therefore a brilliant move.

Fogia 2015
My favourite sofa from 2014, Tiki by Andreas Engesvik for Fogia, is now available as 2-seater, chair and pouf…
Fogia Tiki pouf 2015
…in splendid fabrics and down-to-earth colours…
Fogia Tiki 2015
…and with some really nice details!
Fogia Monica Förster 2015
The fabulous Monica Förster and her Retreat modular sofa adds an international touch to the classic Fogia look.
Fogia Monica Förster detail
…cosy yet bold armrest/pillow!
Fogia Engesvik 2015
…and what’s this? Bowl by Andreas Engesvik makes a table of a wide, deep, wooden bowl on legs..
Photographs by Mathias Nero. Photo copyright Fogia.

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Platel by Note Design Studio


Platel storage unit by Note Design Studio for Spanish manufacturer Punt is a minimalistic coatrack presented at Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014 and now in production. Platel is the perfect solution for every Scandi hallway, as in the Scandinavian countries you´re supposed to take off your shoes and coat before entering the rest of the house. Or why not use it in the bedroom instead of a closet!

The Note Design Studio team are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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