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The friendly gesture

While sharing a Swedish ”fika” with my friend Stina we spoke about good things, inspiring things, kindness and compassion. And the peaceful resistance against violence shown by Stockholmers since last weeks terror attack aimed at innocent members of our society. Four people, among them a schoolchild, and a senior dog were killed. But there’ll be no hatred. That’s the message and we’re all messengers.
We also exchanged some design: I traded my green Marimekko Messenger bag for Stinas bright orange.
– Now we’ll remember each other every day, while wearing these bags, Stina said. How cool!
Olkalaukku Urbaani Messenger bag by Ristomatti Ratia for Marimekko, 100 % cotton canvas. Photo copyright Marimekko.

Skärmavbild 2017-04-13 kl. 13.50.06
Olkalaukku Urbaani Messenger  bag (detail) by Ristomatti Ratia for Marimekko (2017). Photo copyright Marimekko.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Fab Swedes, Friends, Marimekko 2017-04-13

Christmas prep

We’re awaiting Christmas and Old Town is starting to look like a fairy-tale! Inside our beautiful 18th century house we enjoy breakfast in the kitchen, while reading the morningpaper and making plans for food and gifts. It is a time of preparation and contemplation.

This setting was created in my dear next-door neighbor Tinas’ lovely kitchen. Table Österlen by Inga Sempé for Gärsnäs, ”Y-chair” by Hans J Wegner for Carl Hansen & Son, stool from Norrgavel, teapot and cup Oiva by Sami Ruotsalainen for Marimekko, blackbirds in papier-mâché by Sam Stigsson for Konsthantverkarna. Styling by Cia Wedin, photo copyright Anna Kern.


…and the scent of hyacinths are all over! With a planting bag made of environmental friendly, breathable polypropylene you can use your basket from Korbo Handwoven Wire Baskets for indoor planting. Here with white hyacinths and soft green moss, to protect the bulbs. Styling by Cia Wedin, photo copyright Anna Kern.

Anna Kern, Carl Hansen & Son, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, In the Season, Korbo, Marimekko, Scandimood 2016-12-16

Marimekko summerdream

What’s up 2017? High quality materials. Well designed basic products. Some simplistic patterns and some cascades of colour… It’s Scandi business as usual! But the Spring/Summer 17 collections also stress  ”sustainability”, in one way or the other. Marimekko is no exception. With production brought back to Finland and gifted creative director Anna Teurell the Finnish brand is taking another step towards an updated life-style attitude.


New graphic patterns by Carina Seth Andersson for Marimekko (2017). Here as table cloth and applied to Oiva porcelain (designed by Sami Ruotsalainen). Photo copyright Marimekko.

cw7fepzw8aaqwsjTextile pattern by fab illustrator Liselotte Watkins for Marimekko Summer 2017. Photo copyright Marimekko.


Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Marimekko 2016-12-02

In the detail with Marimekko

Finnish brand Marimekko has launched their Spring/Summer 2016 Home Collection. I met with Creative Director Anna Teurnell and designer Carina Seth Andersson for a talk about the fine detail because that’s what make this collection extra ordinary. The hand drawn graphic patterns by Seth Andersson are screen printed with great skill and used for multipurpose fabrics in a colour scheme of white, pale pink and blue. And there’s a series of glass vases to go with the Oiva series by Sami Routsalainen; notice how the form of the small, delicate base of the porcelain has been integrated into the form of the vases, creating a floating feel! Alongside the distinctive and timeless design by Carina Seth Andersson, Marimekko present a folkloristic, organic pattern by Aino-Maija Metsola and some really cool patterns from the Marimekko archive, like the iconic Sonaatti.

Marimekko Spring/Summer collection 2016. Fabric pattern and vase by Carina Seth Andersson. Photo copyright Marimekko.

Flower vase by Carina Seth Andersson for Marimekko. Photo copyright Marimekko.

Napkin in a pattern by Carina Seth Andersson for Marimekko Spring/Summer collections 2016. Photo copyright Marimekko.

Sonaatti cushion cover by Kaarina Kellomäki (1967). Photo copyright Marimekko.

Carina Seth Andersson, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Friends, Marimekko 2015-11-09

Marimekko summer dream

We’re working on the editorial interior features for Spring 2016; pretending soft sun moments outdoors when it is actually freezing cold in Stockholm and model as well as sweet anemones looking fine for five seconds, then very miserable. But this is what we do, and it is fun in a way. We’ve already ”celebrated christmas” with tree, snow and candles. We’ve created (artificial) the early days of January when there’s snow and darkness in need of new stylish lighting. Now we turn our minds to… summer dresses! With lots of colour and bold patterns! Lets go Marimekko!

Marimekko ready to wear collection Summer 2016. Photo copyright Marimekko.

Marimekko ready to wear collection Summer 2016. Photo copyright Marimekko.

Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Marimekko, Scandimood 2015-10-06

Scandi blue

The blue colour is a Scandi favourite! Perhaps because the Nordic nature holds so much blue: we’ve got the cold harsh Baltic Sea, the deep cool lakes of the north, the grim autumn sky…and the blueberries. Yes, it must be the blueberries!
The Scandi blue has a special cobalt blue quality and it is a classic on porcelain. It is not romantic or sweet. Just plain graphic and form.

Adam, by Swedish Stig Lindberg (1916–1982] was designed in 1959, which is evident when you think about the neat, straight form and pattern. Originally in production 1959–1974, relaunched in 2005 by Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik. Photo copyright Gustavsbergs Porslinsfabrik.

Travelling Finnair you’d be served in Marimekko branded cups.The pattern Koppelo by Maija Isola was applicated on new table ware designed by Sami Routsalainen (2014). Photo copyright Siskohouko.

Tuokio is a contemporary interpretation of the blue dot. Designed in 2011 by Finnish designer duo Helorinne & Kallio for Arabia. The porcelain form is designed by Heikki Orvala (1996). Photo copyright

Eco Aesthetics, Marimekko, Scandimood 2015-07-17

Mrs Beige?

This Spring there’s lot of sand and camel in the Scandi style. Some brands goes as plain as possible, which is actually a clever shortcut to elegance. Like the classic Marimekko bag in such a dry colour it’s form and details are almost invisible. But imagine it with crispy white! Or immaculate black…Other Scandi brands adds a little touch of yellow to the laid-back and natural…The result is a stylish camel.
And Mrs Beige? Well, that’s the kind of in between colour I prefer as my basic colour this season.

Olkalaukku Urbaani Sand is the 2015 version of the iconic messenger bag from Marimekko, originally designed by Ristomatti Ratia in 1971. Photo copyright Marimekko.

Stockholm Raincoat Sand from Stutterheim 2015. Photo copyright Stutterheim.

Cross Blanket Camel, by Pia Wallén in 100% organic cotton. Limited edition 2015. Photo copyright Pia Wallén.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Friends, Marimekko, Pia Wallén, Stutterheim 2015-04-08

Socks rolled down…

…when it gets warmer I’d like to roll down my socks and feel the sun on my skin. Meanwhile I enjoy Marimekko’s interpretation of the sensual feel!

Glass wear Socks rolled down by Anu Penttinen for Marimekko. Relaxed, distinctive, colourful! Photo copyright Marimekko.

Contemporary Scandi, Marimekko 2015-02-24

During a winter storm… need tea. A whole pot, at the very least!
A fine teapot must be easy to handle, with no dripping around while pouring! It must also be easy to load, and to rinse. And then it has to blend in nicely with books and cookies and other essential things…

Fina teservisen Anna Lerinder
Fina teservisen by Anna Lerinder. Photo copyright Patric Johansson.

Oiva tea pot Marimekko

Oiva by Sami Ruotsalainen for Marimekko. Photo copyright Marimekko.

Salam teapot by Guy Degrenne

Salam by Guy Degrenne. Photo copyright Guy Degrenne.

Anna Lerinder, Compassionates, Eco Aesthetics, In the Season, Marimekko 2015-01-10

Marimekko Moments

Marimekko knows how to mix influences from different cultures into a design and style that is unmistakingly their own. The interplay between Finnish functionalism, minimalism and folklore has always been part of the brands identity, but during 2014 Marimekko has stepped up the design ladder, going international. I like the colorful, urban approach with well-made patterns used to create products for a modern life. This is Contemporary Scandi at its best.

Duvet cover Tasaraita, by Annika Rimala, cushion covers Utö, by Aino-Maija Metsola, and Siirtolapuutarha by Maija Louekari. Interior light Valoisa by Harri Koskinen. All from Moments – Marimekko Autumn 2014. Published by permission from Marimekko.

Compassionates, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Friends, Marimekko 2014-09-12