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FUWL and the sound absorbent

Plank is a sound absorbing, fire retardant wood/wool tile by Form Us With Love for Baux (2016). During a visit to the Träullit factory where the tile is manufactured FUWL learned that the factory turns off their machines on weekends in order to be economical and environmental friendly. When production start again on Mondays, with cold machines, the first tiles comes out in a light colour. And then, for each day of the week, the tiles comes out slightly darker due to accumulated warmth in the machine. The subtle, natural colours actually depends on the temperature of the machines! From this unexpected aesthetical value Form Us With Love decided to work with the natural colours in different combinations, creating interesting surfaces. How handsome! And very contemporary!

Baux Plank Reception, acoustic tile by Form Us With Love for Baux (2016). Photo copyright Form Us With Love.

Baux Plank Stairs, acoustic tile by Form Us With Love for Baux (2016). Photo copyright Form Us With Love.

Baux Plank Study, acoustic tile by Form Us With Love for Baux (2016). Photo copyright Form Us With Love.

Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Form Us With Love 2016-02-19

Great Expectations

With less than a week to go before Stockholm Design Week kicks off, interesting previews of news are piling high. During the 2016 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair I’ll be especially curious of what the Scandi brands are up to!

Iittala x Issey Miyake
The most hyped launch must be Pause for Harmony by Issey Miyake for Iittala. The master of pleating and plissé goes Finnish!

Ingegerd Råman for Ikea
Another top notch collaboration is fab Ingegerd Råman for Ikea. Viktigt collection will be presented on February 11th. Same date as the release of ”It’s nothing but it’s still something”, a book about the designer and her work.

I’ll definitely keep an eye or two on:
Swedese with news by Claesson, Koivisto, Rune, Broberg & Ridderstråle, Roger Persson and…Barber & Osgerby, the brilliant Brittish design duo who’re ”2016 Guests of Honour” at the Fair.

Claesson, Koivisto, Rune/ Smaller Objects and their everyday objects designed by a range of well known international designers.

Gärsnäs with news by David Ericsson (I’m still stunned by the beautiful Madonna Chair he created for Gärsnäs last year), and Färg & Blanche, to name a few.

Form Us With Love designstudio 2016
Form Us With Us celebrates 10 years as a design studio with an exhibition at Konstakademien.

Fogia goes Seth Andersson; Carina Seth Andersson is a strong addition to the Fogia team, where we also find gifted designers like Andreas Engesvik (Tiki sofa, 2015). Furthermore, Fogia is launching a life style concept under the creative direction of Note Design Studio.

And Note Design Studio themselves exhibit at ArkDes, the Architechture and Design center at Skeppsholmen in Stockholm.

There’ll be no lack of good, environmental friendly and visually sustainable design. As usual, Sanna and I will attend the Fair as well as events in town. We’ll walk and talk and mingle…and report back to you!

Andreas Engesvik, Barber & Osgerby, Broberg & Ridderstråle, Carina Seth Andersson, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Fogia, Form Us With Love, Iittala, Note Design Studio 2016-01-31

Form (us) with LOVE

Swedish design team Form Us With Love has an appealing easy-going approach to interiors and design; they stay ground with their credo on focusing on the actual person who shall use their design. FUWL don´t hesitate to use words like ”practical”,”simplicity” or ”everyday life” when describing their design. These new products for Danish brand Menu was launched at Maison et Objet in Paris. LOVEly!

The Cage Collection by Form Us With Love for Menu, coat painted steel and ash wood, first shown in september 2014.

The Form Us With Love team outside their studio/showroom in Stockholm.

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