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Nobody puts Baby in a corner!

2012-07-16 10.17.14
Well, sometimes she gets…caught in a poetry slam!
In July I read the great Swedish poets Gunnar Ekelöf and Thomas Tranströmer.
For an introduction in English try these:


And here’s the poets live:

PS Baby is a Russian Blue cat and boss at my office in Old Town, Stockholm. She´s five years old and especially fond of football, horses and Italian parmesano & cappuccino. She also has a soft spot for Miles Davies. Her favourite band is Moon City Boys.

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Summer dwellings

Swedes loves their summer dwellings! It must be small and close to nature but the style differ. Some prefer the traditional red wooden house with its glass porch and ”English garden”. Others travel to the Italian alps to live a simple life on a hill high above an ancient village. And for several of us the dream house is modernistic, like the houses we wrote about last summer in Scandimood issue no 2/2013 (see link at ”Previous issues” to the right of this page).
Enjoy a lovely traditional, a serene rustic and a beautiful modernistic.. All captured by photographer Patric Johansson in his book Arkitektens Fritidshus (”The Architects summerhouse”).

aaro 006


friberg 01


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Linneaus Flower Power

Carl von Linné aka Carl Linneaus – the Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist, became a world famous fix star with his Systema Naturae (first published in 1735). He is still very well known, and actually listed as the most famous historic person in the world 2014!

Linneaus’ summer residence Hammarby, was built in 1762. In his bed chamber he used parts of a book, Plantae Selectae (1750–1773), as ”wallpaper”. The beutiful hand-coloured botanical plates were created by Georg Dionysius Ehret, a friend of Linneaus and regarded as one of the most skilled botanical illustrators ever.

Linneaus Hammarby by Stellan HernerLinneaus Hammarby by Stellan Herner
Images from the book ”Florabyrå Linné”, an hommage to Carl von Linné, Estrid Ericson and Josef Frank by Cia Wedin for Svenskt Tenn, photo by Stellan Herner.

The now faded colours were originally bright and strong. Just below the portrait of Linneaus most beloved monkey, Grinn, you see some of the illustrations of the banana plant. Compare them to Plate XIX (below) and imagine how strong the impact of the ”wallpaper” must have been at the time when Linneaus lived at Hammarby. He was very fond of the illustrations and loved them so much that he wanted them to be the first thing he layed eyes on in the morning, and the last thing to contemplate before he fell asleep.


Hammarby is located just outside Uppsala in Sweden and open to visitors this summer. Don´t miss out a chance to experience one of the lovliest interiors you can imagine. Opening hours here.

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What we read…

Unique voices and breathtaking stories needs time to unfold before you. How often does one not read in short time lapses, ”in between”, while riding the bus or hastily browsing a few pages before it’s really really time to get some sleep…But when you get to spend some hours in the company of a good book…

The Beggar Maid: Stories of Flo and Rose. Short stories.
By Alice Munro, Canadian author born in 1931, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2013.


The Goldfinch, a novel in 771 pages.
By Donna Tartt, American writer and author born in 1963.


The Rocky Shore, poetry.
By Jenny Bornholdt, New Zealand poet born in 1960.


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Greenkitchenstories & The Green Kitchen


David, Luise and Elsa in Stockholm runs the blog and in May 2013 they were awarded the Best Food Blog award 2013. Congratulations! For everyone who’s been following Greenkitchenstories this came as no suprise, because both food and feel from Greenkitschenstories are very tasty! Try the Rhubarb & Strawberry Ripple Fro Yo. You´ll find the recipe at Greenkitchenstories.


Their first cookbook, The Green Kitchen (UK/Australian edition) / Vegetarian Everyday (US edition) is published by Hardie Grant London and Rizzoli New York.

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