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On the road with Anna

On request: house-stories signed photographer Anna Kern. It is a privilege to work with Anna and  spend a day or two in a private home, trusted to shoot and write the family’s story.  During the many hours on the road we get to know the landscape of Sweden, from the sunny fields of the south to the archipelago of Stockholm to the deep forests of the north.  Let’s re-visit some homes from 2016:


On the outskirts of Stockholm we met with ceramic artist Calle Forsberg and garden designer Marika Delin. Marikas brother, architect Buster Delin designed the building in a 100% ecofriendly style, with simple solutions to maximize the function of the combinated home/studio.


The kitchen is placed on top of the ceramic studio and warmed up by the ovens Calle use to burn his objects. The ”wallpaper” in the bedroom is made by raw, plant dyed, aquarelle paper. By Cia Wedin and Anna Kern for ELLE Decoration SE.


We didn’t want to leave: Photograper Pelle Bergström’s villa in Skåne is a sanctuary for the soul. You rest, you work, you cook good food. And you do some gardening.


The simplistic beauty of this house is made into a welcoming home by the cool arrangement of classic furniture + inherited aaltopieces + flee-market finds. By Cia Wedin and Anna Kern for ELLE Decoration SE.


In this small sweetie in the south of Sweden interior designer Marianne Eriksson has created one of the loveliest homes we’ve seen. By using simple, natural materials and some old and some new pieces of furniture Marianne did wonders with a very old, worn-down house. Beautiful!


The kitchen doubles as bed-and-breakfast dining room. In the entrance and adjoining rooms we admired Mariannes ability to mix colours, textiles, form and flowers. By Cia Wedin and Anna Kern for Lantliv SE.


Tola. The home of textile designer Maria Åström and artist Sam Stigsson. We’ve visited this house several time over the years,  shooting pics for our book ”Mönsterträdgård” (”Garden of Patterns”,  Scandi Edition 2016).  It is a home filled with inspiration and beauty.


Sam’s wood butterflies and candleholders in concrete are for sale at Konsthantverkarna in Stockholm. By Cia Wedin and Anna Kern for Lantliv SE.


In the northeast part of Gotland (an island located in the Baltic Sea) you may visit sculptor Stina Lindholm at Skulpturfabriken. The factory, studio, café and garden are open to the public.


And we had the pleasure to be invited to Stina’s personal space where old & traditional blend with new design into a contemporary home.  By Cia Wedin and Anna Kern for Lantliv SE.



In the south part of Gotland this architect home surprised us. You may work and design contemporary yet decorate your home in a traditional, simplistic country style. Look how nice the design pieces add to the style of the house!


And yes…we got to sleep in the blue bedroom! And the entrance is nothing but lovely! By Cia Wedin and Anna Kern for ELLE Decoration SE:



Hanna and Jacob Bruce of Växbo Lin knows how to mix new/hi-tech with old/traditional, thus creating a contemporary home for their three young children and cat. In the extension part they’ve placed ”modern facilities” like bathroom, sauna and a washing machine.


In the old part of the house they’ve restored the traditional ”salen” with great care and love. This room, with its wooden floorboards, linseed paint and handprinted wallpaper demand some carefulness when used, but is nevertheless part of a modern family life.


During the summer of 2016 we visited several houses to be published in 2017. Here’s a sneak-peak from an architects villa built in a 100% environmental friendly way.  The natural light play an important part in this house-story.  And the cows from ”next doors”…


Integrated in the landscape, with interior solutions combining aesthetics and comfort this home is a fine example of  a so called circular economy architecture. To be published in ELLE Decoration SE in 2017. By Cia Wedin and Anna Kern.

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Erskines Box of Wonders

Ralph Erskines ”Lådan” (The Box) from 1941–1942 is one famous Swedish building! It is also a famous home. With only 20 squaremetres for himself, his wife Ruth and their two small children, Erskine had to invent space-saving furniture; the bed hung in ropes from the cealing, and doubled as a sofa, the working table folded into the bookshelf and so on. Lådan become known for its aesthetics and clever solutions and since long this small house stand as an architectual role model in the collective mind of Swedes longing for a simple (summer) dwelling.

On three occasions during September and October 2016 (18th + 25th of September, 16th of October) Lådan is open to the public.  If in Stockholm, take the chance to experience an iconic house! An arrangement by ArkDes, The Swedish Center for Architecture and Design. Free entrance. For information on how to get to Lovön, see ArkDes.

Erskines Lådan Lovön

Lådan was originally built in Lissma, south of Stockholm, as a permanent home. It had no electricity, no running water and no wc. The Erskine family lived 4 years in Lådan, before moving closer to town. Lådan was well-built, but the materials did not survive over time and gradually it subsided into nature. In 1989, under supervision by Erskine, Lådan was rebuilt in Lovön, Stockholm. Photos (above and below) of Lådan exterior copyright ArkDes.


Lådan livingroom

Lådan kitchen

Lådan livingroom and worktable

Lådan interiors. Photo copyright Åke E:son Lindman.

Erskines låda

Erskines Lådan back side

Ralph Erskine at his worktable in Lådan

Black and white images of Ralph Erskine and Lådan. Photo copyright ArkDes Collections.



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Le Café Mollien!

For several years Paris was my home and inspiration. How many an hour have I not spent strolling around in the great halls of Musée du Louvre. Especially the Denon wing, that´s where Mona Lisa smiles her little smile… I never attended the café Mollien as it lacked style and felt very out of place. But the new Le Café Mollien by Mathieu Lehanneur (2016) is nothing less than a marvel. The contemporary design blends perfectly well with the air of the Denon wing,  and the grandeur of the space is restored.

café mollien

Looking to the right…How does one choose: chair, armchair, stool or perhaps that cosy little bench in the alcove?

c mollien at le lovure

Looking to the left…Great lamp bulbs in pink glass, and furniture in white wood, marble and brass!

le café mollien

Looking out over the city of Paris…

terasse cafe mollien

…and the terasse! Imagine spending an hour there in company of the ”Lunch Formula Molliers”!

cafe mollien menu

The menu is printed on a canvas. Fine detail in Le Café Molliers by Mathieu Lehanneur (2016). All photos copyright Le Louvre and Michel Giesbrecht.


…and this is what the old café Mollien looked like…

Skärmavbild 2016-08-02 kl. 13.02.22

Skärmavbild 2016-08-02 kl. 13.01.59

Skärmavbild 2016-08-02 kl. 13.14.26

Architectual moves, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics 2016-08-02

Oblon – bath outside the box

The Oblon series by venetian architect Stefano Cavazzana for Novello is a handsome, sleek yet basic product line which goes very well into a Scandi summer house. There’s a strong trend now to think outside the box when considering installing modern fascilites, like bathrooms into old buildings/summer dwellings. By using modular systems it is possible to integrate the bathroom into a variety of spaces, creating a room rather than a standard bathroom. With Oblon there’s also an interpretation of traditional bathing habits, like bringing the water into the room by a can or a simple tap. As well as the paraphrase on the freestanding porcelain bowls, used during centuries in Scandi houses as basins.





Oblon series by Stefano Cavazzana for Novello (2016). All photos copyright Novello.

Architectual moves, Compassionates, Environmental friendly 2016-06-04

Smile away at your outdoor office!

Sweden is a country of marvelous ideas and cutting-edge concepts. As well as great and functional design! This combo make Växjö the very first Swedish town to present an outdoor officespace. WorkOUT is a collaboration between outdoor furniture producer Nola, Gestalt architects and estate company Norrporten.

Orbit, by Shane Schneck for Nola at WorkOUT (2016). Photo copyright Nola.

Samtal i Kajen Hammock med bord Sun
Swede’s at work I: Chair Kajen Hammock by Thomas Bernstrand and table Sun by Monica Förster, both from Nola, at WorkOUT (2016). Photo copyright Jonas Ljungdahl.

Johan Cardell och Cecilia Kassmyr Gestalt arkitektur
Swede’s at work II: Jonas Cardell and Cecilia Cassmyr from Gestalt Architects in Kajen sofa by Thomas Bernstrand for Nola, at WorkOUT (2016). Photo copyright Jonas Ljungdahl.

Architectual moves, Compassionates, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes 2016-05-31

The fine audience

We´re travelling Gotland, shooting beautiful houses & homes. Gotland is a Swedish island located in the Baltic Sea. The landscape is vast and lovely and you can admire ancient as well as contemporary architecture. We visit the very old… and the very new. We’re invited to experience amazingly beautiful houses built from stone, wood, glass, concrete…
And as it happens we´ve got an ever present, very kind and curious audience.

Neighbours at Martina’s place. For ELLE Decoration SE, to be published 2017. Photo copyright @fotografannakern

Neighbours at Karin’s place. For Lantliv SE, to be published 2017. Photo copyright @fotografannakern

Anna Kern, Architectual moves, Compassionates, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes, Scandimood 2016-05-25

Traditional Swedish

Last summer we visited a magic summer dwelling located in the beautiful landscape of Sörmland, south of Stockholm. A traditional Swedish building from the mid 19th century often look just like this one: rather small, built of wood, painted red with Falu rödfärg, overlooking a small lake. And with lilacs nearby the entrance. Old grown trees protect this house on three sides. On the ground floor there´s a kitchen and a ”sal” (larger room, traditionally used for gatherings and daily life) and on the first floor you find a couple of bed chambers. Nowadays these buildings make cherished summer dwellings. You can see more pics in the current (print) issue of ELLE Decoration Sweden.

…after driving slowly for an hour along a tiny dirt road, windling its way through an old forest, the landscape open up to this view. Styling and production, Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Stellan Herner.

In ”salen” there’s a simple wooden table by the window where you can sit and paint. Or read. Styling and production, Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Stellan Herner.

The stairs to the first floor with its original paint and bare pine floorboards. Styling and production, Cia Wedin. Photo copyright Stellan Herner.

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Double function

When Claesson Koivisto Rune designed a new gallery building for Inde/Jacobs in Marfa,Texas they also designed some pieces of furniture to go with the space. The very fine Arte Marfa Twist stool is now in production by Nikari. The stool may also double as a side table. Nice!

Arte Marfa Twist stool/table by Claesson Koivisto Rune for Inde/Jacobs Gallery (2015) in production by Nikari. Ash treated with natural oil mixture or black stain, 400 x 450 mm. Photo copyright Studio Chikako Harada.

Architectual moves, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Contemporary Scandi, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly, Fab Swedes 2016-03-30

Hey Achille!

I believe in the importance of creating a personal space; may it be a home, a garden or a studio. It doesn’t have to consist of expensive things; you may actually achieve a lot with very little. The important part though is to arrange the things you like according to your own aesthetics. The studio of Italian master architect and designer Achille Castiglioni (1918–2002) is one of my favorites; you can visit Fondazione Achille Castiglioni when in Milan.

Achille Castiglioni was an italian architect and designer, especially interested in every-day objects. His oeuvre of work is impressing. Castiglioni designed the now iconic lamps Gatto, Arco, Parentesi and several others for Flos. Photo copyright Fondazione Achille Castiglioni.

Achille castiglioni study in Milan
Photo copyright Fondazione Achille Castiglioni.

Castiglioni study in Milan
Photo copyright Fondazione Achille Castiglioni.

Architectual moves, Castiglioni, Eco Aesthetics 2016-03-22

Walking the stairs of Scarpa

Whenever I start climbing or descending a staircase designed by Italian architect Carlo Scarpa I automatically slow down… I want to linger in the moment. To touch the materials. To meditate over the perfection of form. How often do you walk up the stairs and immediately feel a need to try it again? You can actually experience the essence of movement when climbing Scarpa stairs!
Sometimes architecture make the everyday magic.

Gallerie del.’Accademia, Venice.

Carlo Scarpa 1956.

Olivetti showroom, Venice.

Castelvecchio Museum, Verona.

Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice.

Architectual moves, Compassionates, Eco Aesthetics 2015-05-15

La Biennale de Venezia

The Art Biennale in Venice, Italy is now open! This year Norway is the sole commissioner of the famous Nordic Pavilion in the Giardini. American born, Oslo based artist Camille Norment fills the beautiful space of the Pavilion with her work multi-sensory work of art and music.

Camille Norment: Rapture
The Nordic Pavilion
9 May – 22 November 2015

Two years ago I presented the Nordic Pavilion and its architect Sverre Fehn. Being one of the most popular Scandimood posts so far, I’d like to share the pics and video with you again:

Nordiska Paviljongen

Photo Åsa Lundén/Moderna Museet.

The Nordic Pavilion at the Biennale in Venice was created in 1962 by Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn (1924–2009). It consists of a single hall of 400 sqm, open on two sides. Huge trees grow through the roof, wich is made of overlapping layers of conrete beams.

Here’s another fine building by Sverre Fehn

The new Swedish Pavilion at Arsenale will host work by Lina Selander, one of Sweden’s most innovative moving image artists. The Pavillion is built by Moderna Museet.

Lina Selander: The Offspring Resembles the Parent, 2015. HD Video, colour, mute and sound. 12:00 min. With Oscar Mangione. Photo copyright Lina Selander.

Lina Selander: Excavation of the image – Imprint, shadow, spectra, thought.
The Swedish Pavillion at Arsenale
9 April – 22 November 2015

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Tulip by Saarinen

The Tulip chair by Eero Saarinen was an immediate success when launched in 1955. Saarinen worked with fiberglass-reinforced polyester and cast aluminum. Those first chairs are now rare vintage collector items, but the ”Pedestal Collection”, as it was nicknamed, is still in production at Knoll.
Today the Tulip chair, armchair, stool and tables (with tops in wood, marble, granite) are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified. Photo copyright Knoll.

The Saarinen Outdoor Dining Table 78″ Oval is new for 2015 and comes with base in molded cast aluminum and a top with a Vetro Bianco surface. Photo copyright Knoll.

Vintage Tulip chairs, photo copyright unknown.

Architectual moves, Eco Aesthetics, Environmental friendly 2015-04-29