When you can’t resist…

Tab T lamp Barber Osgerby for Flos
It started with a small lamp for my desk…The sweet yet minimalistic TAB was designed by Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby in 2008, and taken into production by Flos in 2011.

Tip Ton Chair Barber Osgerby for Vitra
Then I found myself amused by the Tip Ton chair for Vitra (2011); it is a slightly rocking piece of joy!

Barber Osgerby Bench
And the lovely Portsmouth Bench for Isokon Plus, in production since 2002…I’v considered it at least a hundred times!

The amazing floor & wall tiles Mews for Mutina was launched in the Fall of 2013….

Barber and Osgerby
The designers themselves…Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.
What are they up to next? I wonder!

Photo copyrights Flos, Vitra, Isokon Plus, Mutina and Barber & Osgerby (portrait).