Eco chic allotment garden

On Långholmen island in the center of Swedish capital Stockholm, Birgitta Sandström Lagercrantz has created a beautiful, 100 % ecological garden. And built herself a summer dwelling in the shape of an ever surprising “box”.
The 10 squaremetre house by architect Lova Lagercrantz folds open just like a real box, and thus transform from an anonynomous building to a sunny and very fine little house.


The contemporary allotmenthouse size extra small has got a “green top” of sedum which attracts butterflies and other insects important to the garden.
Photo Johanna Ekmark


From the house you step straight into the garden.
Photo Johanna Ekmark


The room is prettily decorated with favourite items. Doors are made from recycled old windows.
Photo Johanna Ekmark